How to Access Cloud ERP Social Impact Programs for Nonprofits

Nonprofits of all sizes must make amazing things happen while spending the least money. And although innovative, state-of-the-art technology solutions can help with this in many ways, nonprofits are often worried about the potential cost of implementing and using cloud ERP solutions.

Fortunately, OTT, Inc. can help you reduce these costs. We offer cloud ERP for nonprofits by both Microsoft and Oracle NetSuite, each with discounts and social impact programs for nonprofits.

The basics: what are social impact programs?

Social impact programs are designed to help nonprofits of all sizes, with all kinds of missions, boost the impact they’re able to have in the world. The focus is around reducing costs, increasing efficiency, boosting visibility for stakeholders, and making it easier to measure the success of your mission.

Although the details vary somewhat, both Microsoft’s and NetSuite’s social impact programs have the same basic features. These programs are designed to help nonprofits of all sizes improve performance and outcomes by providing affordable access to modern cloud solutions.

The core of this idea starts with:

1. Discounts and donations for software solutions

Both Microsoft’s and NetSuite’s programs offer free and/or discounted cloud solutions for nonprofits that qualify. The solutions available for discounts range from cloud ERP and CRM solutions to nonprofit specific tools and apps. For example, Microsoft offers discounts and donations on user licenses for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud-based solutions. NetSuite offers a base donation of their nonprofit solutions with no-cost activation, along with significant discounts for additional functionality such as FASB reporting, nonprofit budgeting, and more.

2. Free and low-cost trainings and services

Both the Microsoft and Oracle NetSuite programs include trainings and events for nonprofit employees to learn how to get the best use from their software solutions. Microsoft’s offerings include self-paced and instructor-led online trainings on how to use Azure and Microsoft 365. NetSuite’s offerings include pro bono consulting services and solution designing projects to address unique challenges.

3. Nonprofit-specific functionality

Both NetSuite and Microsoft offer tools and apps that are built specifically to help nonprofits with common challenges such as donor and fundraising management, grant management, budgeting, compliance, security, and more. These apps can help nonprofits succeed by increasing the efficiency of operations, boosting visibility into different aspects of the organization, and providing excellent ERP at a reasonable cost.

Want to learn if social impact programs could help your nonprofit?

If your nonprofit is looking for ways to leverage technology, you’re exactly who these programs are designed to help. If you’d like to learn more about the discounts, services, functionality, and how to apply for these special nonprofit benefits, OTT, Inc. can help you navigate the details.

As a solutions partner specializing in helping nonprofits, our extensive industry experience is an asset from day one. We can work with you to help ensure that you get the most possible benefit from these social impact programs. You’ll also appreciate our Trusted Partner Path implementation methodology to get up and running quickly with expert support services to maximize the long-term value of your investment. Contact us today for more information

Published On: February 24, 2021By Categories: Blog