NetSuite Implementations

Optimize Your NetSuite Investment

If you suspect you’re not leveraging NetSuite to its fullest, or are experiencing inefficiencies and issues due to a poor implementation, you’re not alone. Many businesses trust OTT, Inc. to optimize their NetSuite solution for a variety of reasons.

OTT, Inc. provides an objective assessment and services that ensure you:

  • Use the right features and functionality, in the right way
  • Use the right version of NetSuite
  • Fix leftover implementation issues

We want you to get the most out of NetSuite. The team that implements your solution and the methodology used are crucial components of being able to maximize your ROI and success. OTT, Inc. is a leading NetSuite Partner and SuiteSuccess Certified with deep expertise in multiple areas of your business and your technology.

What Is Suite Success?

SuiteSuccess is an industry specific solution that optimizes NetSuite’s core functionalities, implementation, and support. This is particularly beneficial for specialized industries like Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Nonprofits. You reap the rewards of a NetSuite solution that is more tailored to your environment and engineered to solve unique industry challenges.

Using best practices, productized domain knowledge, an agile approach to product adoption, and KPIs, NetSuite SuiteSuccess partners like OTT, Inc. are an elite group uniquely qualified to help businesses:

  • See faster time-to-value
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Gain greater flexibility
  • Improve customer success

SuiteSuccess Is Made Up of 4 Key Pillars:

Build: Your modern business gets a complete suite, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR), and business intelligence (BI) built on NetSuite’s cloud platform.

Engage: Add value at each stage of engagement with leading practices for your industry and role, such as workflows, dashboards and metrics, and KPI reports.

Consume: Use capabilities through NetSuite’s industry stairway and intelligent staged approach based on your business needs. Go from zero to cloud in 100 days.

Optimize: With continuous updating of best practices, new feature releases, and engagement, you’ll always take advantage of the latest release.

Start Maximizing NetSuite Now

OTT, Inc. is a licensed NetSuite and SuiteSuccess partner you can depend on to optimize all aspects of your NetSuite investment.

With SuiteSuccess from OTT, Inc. you can

Increase Visibility

A 55-80% increase in 360 visibility and actionable insights

Save Time

A 45-70% reduction in the time-to-close of financial books

Reduce Costs

A 40-65% reduction in IT support costs

Elevate Your Business with a Trusted NetSuite SuiteSuccess Partner

Whether your NetSuite solution could use some tuning up or it wasn’t implemented correctly from the beginning, we can help. We’re one of only a few NetSuite SuiteSuccess partners skilled in the methodology designed to deliver long-term value from your investment.

Contact us today to get an evaluation of your implementation and learn how to start optimizing NetSuite quickly.

SuiteSuccess Delivers:

40-55% reduction

in reporting time & resources

25-40% reduction

in audit completion & support time

45-65% reduction

in business continuity costs