Not for Profit Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Not for Profit Fund-Op for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Being a Not for Profit (NFP) doesn’t mean that your organization doesn’t still have many of the same information technology (IT) needs and business requirements that for profit enterprises have. The needs are very similar, they are just referenced with different terminology. Some examples include donors versus customers, volunteers versus employees, constituents versus stakeholders and case management versus customer service.

For profit businesses typically invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to operate their businesses and bring continuity and consistency to their businesses. Not for Profit organizations have the same needs, but many times they are operating on multiple disparate systems; each of which handle a need for their operations. For example, one system for Donor Management, one for Volunteer Management, one for Case Management, etc.

Here are examples of a couple of great areas we can help your Not for Profit with:

World Relief Case Study

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Not for Profit Grant Management

The cloud-based applications from Microsoft or NetSuite reduce the time spent on grant writing, compliance and accountability as well as reporting and tracking these tasks through the automation of repetitive processes such as workflow tracking and opportunity discovery. Streamlining grant activity ensures compliance with the tax-exempt status of a non-profit and sets the non-profit up for future grants.

Not for Profit Donor and Volunteer Management

For all not for profits, management of donors and volunteers is key to their success. Through accurate and timely reporting and automated processes to reduce overhead more time is available for focusing on your core mission of providing services and value to beneficiaries and supporters of your cause. Managing relationships with the recipients of services and supporters who invest their time and money is one of the most significant challenges that a Nonprofit must deal with. The right solution allows you to manage both recipients and supporters as well as providing sophisticated case management.

The barrier to entry for many of these Not for Profit organizations has been the initial expense and investment level to successfully acquire and implement the software solution. An added factor is the ongoing costs required for support, upgrades, access for all members, etc.

The good news is with the rapid advancement of cloud technologies and many software publishers offering discounted pricing for Not for Profits, these barriers can be successfully overcome. It is imperative to find a knowledgeable IT Partner or Value-Added Reseller (VAR) that has expertise in the Not for Profit sector. They will know your organizations terminology and understand your organizations needs and business requirements.

Microsoft and NetSuite are two of the leading software publishers that offer discounted pricing programs and some predefined configuration for Not for Profit organizations. These are 100% cloud-based applications that are accessible 24x7x365 from anywhere you have an internet connection and from almost any type of internet enabled device.

OTT, Inc. has the industry expertise for Not for Profit organizations and the technical expertise in the required systems your organizations needs to transform and be successfully for many years to come. Our Team of professionals are highly skilled in the areas of accounting, relationship management, database management, specific configurations for Not for Profits and overall cloud-based accounting and relationship management applications.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 cloud-based applications can meet most all your accounting, fund-raising, grant management, operations and relationship (donor and volunteer) management needs. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers affordable accounting functions while Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing can meet most all your relationship management needs.

NetSuite’s Suite Success has an NFP offering that comes with preconfigured features, dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are specific to the Not for Profit sector.

OTT, Inc. has a proven track record of successfully implementing solutions for Not for Profit organizations that have helped them transform their operations, bring sustainability and continuity to their operations that help ensure long term success.

See one example here on how we helped World Relief – Spokane transform their operations and double their fundraising in just two short years.

For more information on how we can help your Not for Profit organization, please reach out directly to Eric Sheehan for an initial conversation about your organizations needs. You may reach him directly at or by phone 651.262.2622 (office) or 651.558.7527 (cell).