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What Should You DO? Upgrade GP or Move to Business Central?

Should You Upgrade GP or Move to Business Central?

There’s no argument that Microsoft Dynamics GP has been working well for businesses worldwide for a really long time. You’ve got your systems in place, you understand the software, and whatever inefficiencies it might have you’ve invested in customizations or created workarounds that are at least familiar to you.

Learn How CRM Software Helps Your Business Grow.

Here’s Why Integrated CRM Software is More Important than Ever 

Companies are constantly trying to get the attention of a limited pool of consumers. On a daily basis, potential customers are saturated with ads, possibilities for research, and new options to meet their needs. That’s just one reason integrated CRM software is more essential than ever in helping your business find, convert and retain customers.  

Here are 4 features of CRM software that will help your business thrive: 

Sticking with On-Premise ERP is Beneficial

Why Some Businesses Should Stay with On-Premise ERP 

As more businesses adopt cloud-based ERP solutions, those who are still using on-premise systems might be asking if it’s time to make the move. While cloud ERP does have a lot of advantages and is an ideal solution for many businesses, there is a case for certain businesses to stay with on-premise software or processes. Here’s why.  

1. Security 

On-premise ERP leaves security in the hands of the...

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Nonprofit Accounting Software: Is Yours Moving You Forward or Holding You Back?

How can the wrong nonprofit accounting software prevent you from achieving your mission?

Effective money management is a huge part of your success as an organization. At a minimum, you want to achieve financial transparency, demonstrate long-term fiscal responsibility, comply with guidelines and regulations, raise money without spending too much, stay within budget, and effectively plan ahead.

If you really want to thrive, you also need to understand all the daily...

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