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Manufacturers of all sizes depend on OTT’s cloud ERP solutions and expertise. We enable you to accelerate innovation while keeping costs low and improving your customer experience. Legacy systems simply can’t support the modern manufacturer’s need to scale. Cloud ERP helps you:

Manufacturers can streamline and automate recurring processes with customizable workflows, automated alerts, and more.

Through cloud ERP, you’ll get a more accurate picture of your projects and processes. Use meaningful data to make decisions that drive real efficiency.

Gather information about prospects and customers that allows you to provide personalized experiences and resolve customer queries more quickly and easily.

Cloud ERP enables you to shorten your product development lifecycle and proactively prevent bottlenecks before they happen.

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Manage Complex Processes

Oracle’s NetSuite cloud ERP solution offers manufacturers modern tools to automate the entire manufacturing product lifecycle.

Adapt to Evolving Customer Demand

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, manufacturers leverage real-time data to better manage inventory, control costs, and satisfy customers.

Digitize Your Manufacturing Business

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you digital visibility into your physical processes, increasing your productivity, efficiency, and lowering your overall costs.

Nextera Packaging, a distributor and manufacturer of plastic food packaging, had used Open Systems accounting software for more than 20 years. Brent Adams, CFO and co-owner of Nextera had thoroughly researched their options to replace the outdated system, which did not provide easy access to data or native connectivity to productivity solutions, like Excel and Word. Cumbersome processes, like entering sales orders and building commission reports, were inefficient and time-consuming with Open Systems. Brent understood the challenges involved in replacing a system that had been customized to meet their unique requirements but also knew Nextera needed to modernize systems to efficiently expand operations.

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Cloud ERP for Made-to-Order

MTO manufacturers get the ability to directly tie a manufacturing order to a customer order, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cloud ERP for Make-to-Stock

With more accurate sales forecasting, MTS manufacturers can create better production schedules and determine the right stocking levels.

Cloud ERP for Assemble-to-Order

Optimize planning and scheduling so assemble-to-order environments can be nimble and agile to accommodate demand volatility.

Cloud ERP for Process-Driven

As a process manufacturer, you are often combining multiple supplies, ingredients, and raw materials to produce your product. Staying on top of your supplier lead times and overall inventory management is critical to your success.

Cloud ERP for Configure-to-Order

When configuring to order it is essential to manage your costs and inventory levels and accurately quote your customer. Fully integrated systems allow you to track orders and provide real-time updates for the customer through the entire process.

Cloud ERP for Contract Management

Contract Manufacturers need systems that are scalable and agile enough to handle many different types of manufacturing processes. Without a scalable and agile system, you are limiting your capabilities and what you can actually produce.

Choosing the right partner to guide you through your Manufacturing cloud ERP implementation is the most important decision you will make. You can depend on OTT’s decades of expertise in planning, implementing, and supporting Cloud ERP in manufacturing. Our proven, five-step methodology ensures your move to the cloud delivers maximize value from your investment with measurable results. OTT will be by your side throughout your journey with a full lifecycle of support and services.

Over the past 25 years, OTT, Inc has built partnerships with some of the leading platforms, including:

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With a cloud ERP system that automates repeatable processes and provides real-time data and visibility, you’ll make smarter decisions for your manufacturing business.

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