NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution

Move to the NetSuite Cloud with OTT's Proven 5-Step Methodology

In the traditional world of ERP, the word ‘upgrade’ can strike fear into one’s heart. In a world where cloud technologies are becoming more pervasive, companies can schedule migrations and upgrades with minimal impact on their day to day business activities.

Approximately 26,000 organizations run NetSuite across more than 100 countries. Some of the world’s best-known brands have taken their businesses to the cloud with NetSuite. It is because of this track record that OTT, Inc. has opted to become a NetSuite Solution Provider.

In this video our Senior NetSuite Consultant, Sarah Britton, reviews the financial capabilities of NetSuite.

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Organizations that run NetSuite today:

  • Free themselves from expensive and disruptive upgrades
  • Can deploy across divisions and subsidiaries quickly and efficiently
  • Truly transform their IT operations thus reducing costs and driving business results
  • Gain an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is flexible and changes with the needs of the business.

Designed for modern companies, NetSuite delivers benefits to businesses whether large, small or in-between. Scalable and flexible, NetSuite can change as your business does.

OTT, Inc. Adds Value to Your NetSuite Deployment

You have choices when you choose to deploy NetSuite for your organizations.  Those choices are to go with NetSuite direct or choose to work with an authorized NetSuite Partner.

OTT, Inc. is a preferred choice for companies choosing to evaluate and deploy NetSuite.  We have a proven 5 step methodology, The Trusted Partner Path, which differentiates us from NetSuite direct and other NetSuite Partners. Once the 5 steps are complete we have an ongoing lifecycle of education, communication, support and optimization services that your organization is certain to benefit from.

OTT, Inc. employs industry experts in the areas of software/internet companies, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional services, financial services, healthcare/life sciences and not for profit.  In addition to our industry expertise, many of our professional consultants have accounting degrees to complement their IT experience.  This combination is critical to understanding business, process and how to best configure NetSuite to ensure you are leveraging the solution to reach your optimal potential.  You cannot achieve this without both of the critical skill sets and experience.

We chose NetSuite based on the challenges we were seeing in the small to mid-market business segment.  Those challenges include disparate systems, silos of information that are costly to integrate, lack of reporting and analytics and IT infrastructure that is expensive to maintain and manage.  NetSuite solved all of these problems in a single solution from a single software publisher.  With NetSuite, you have a single database to manage your CRM, ERP, and Reporting/Analytics all on a platform in the cloud that you do not have to upgrade or manage.

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