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How to Enable Remote Access for On-premise ERP/CRM

Right now, a lot of businesses are forced to work remotely and that means if you use on-premise ERP and/or CRM, you’ve got to set up remote access to your software. Whether your employees can’t come into the office temporarily, or you’re simply trying to add flexibility for a more dispersed and mobile workforce, remote access is a hot topic.

However, it’s critical to do your research before setting up...

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Cloud ERP vs. On-Premise ERP: Which is More Secure?

Is cloud ERP more secure than on-premise ERP? For many businesses, the answer is yes. Although there are certain situations where on-premise software is better for an organization, cloud-based ERP solutions include best-in-class security with no added costs or effort. Security is a challenge for a lot of small to medium businesses to maintain, and it is one of the big benefits of cloud ERP vs. on-premise ERP.


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What Should You DO? Upgrade GP or Move to Business Central?

Should You Upgrade GP or Move to Business Central?

There’s no argument that Microsoft Dynamics GP has been working well for businesses worldwide for a really long time. You’ve got your systems in place, you understand the software, and whatever inefficiencies it might have you’ve invested in customizations or created workarounds that are at least familiar to you.

Learn How CRM Software Helps Your Business Grow.

Here’s Why Integrated CRM Software is More Important than Ever 

Companies are constantly trying to get the attention of a limited pool of consumers. On a daily basis, potential customers are saturated with ads, possibilities for research, and new options to meet their needs. That’s just one reason integrated CRM software is more essential than ever in helping your business find, convert and retain customers.  

Here are 4 features of CRM software that will help your business thrive: