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3 Ways to Manage Change with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Today’s marketplace is constantly changing along with customer needs and demands. Factor in advances with technology and you’ll find that businesses have no other choice but to make changes. Small and medium-sized businesses must have the same flexibility and agility of their larger counterparts in order to remain competitive. Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, are now affordable, quick to deploy...
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3 Benefits of Deploying Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology isn’t only available to larger enterprises with big budgets. This powerful technology has become more affordable for small and medium-sized businesses—it’s quick to deploy and delivers a competitive edge. While there are many benefits to this modern technology, we discuss the top three benefits of deploying CRM in this article. Read more....
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Business Growth Spurs a Need for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Growth Spurs a Need for New Technology Business growth is great. Isn’t it what every business owner or manager strives for? Growth brings many positive changes to your business, but often comes with a need for new technology. Customer data becomes even more important for sales and customer service but managers can no longer rely on manual processes or spreadsheets to capture key data. Consider a...
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