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A Whole New Experience: Innovations in Field Services Software

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Traditionally, field services have focused on the face-value tasks of scheduling, maintaining, repairing, driving to service sites, invoicing, etc. When these tasks are done well, equipment gets repaired, downtime is minimized, and customers are happy. However, new innovations in field services software are making it possible to reverse this line of thinking: businesses can automate the nitty-gritty tasks of field service, and instead...

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5 Advantages of Cloud-based Software for Nonprofits

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As a nonprofit, your software solutions need to deliver a high ROI while catering to the unique needs of your organization. That means you need to carefully consider every aspect of the technology you want before you buy it and implement it.

One choice that many nonprofits worry about is whether they should move business applications to the cloud. Cloud-based...

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2020 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch

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As we look into 2020, it’s time for nonprofits to look ahead to the future. OTT, Inc. technology consultants are always anticipating business challenges for nonprofits, as well as emerging technologies that can solve those challenges. Here are a few of the big nonprofit technology trends to watch in 2020.

1. Modernizing fundraising

Every year, donors have...

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