The Trusted Partner Path from OTT, Inc. Delivers Proven Results to Your Business Technology

OTT’s 5-step Methodology to Measurable Outcome

OTT’s The Trusted Partner Path guides clients through a proven five-step methodology that delivers improved productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Using The Trusted Partner Path, OTT, Inc. partners with their clients to produce measurable business performance, bottom-line rewards, and a technology framework for sustained growth.

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1. Assessment: We Gather Information about Your Business

During the assessment phase, information is obtained about your business strategies, processes, desired outcomes, and critical success factors for implementing a new business application. This step generally concludes with a tailored demonstration of our solution.

2. Analysis: We review all your key business processes

The Analysis step is a consulting engagement designed to review your system mission critical functions, system inputs, system outputs, reporting and integration requirements, and process dependencies. During this step, business processes are outlined and the system environment is reviewed.

This step concludes with a presentation of our proposal which includes the business process documentation, overview of the implementation process, statement of scope, master implementation plan and investment for software and professional consulting services.

3. Planning: We define goals, expectations and project scope

The Planning process includes the planning meeting, documentation tools and project organization. The planning meeting defines business goals, project expectations, and reviews the project scope. Information gleaned from this meeting will guide development of the documentation tools and implementation project plan. Project organization begins with the start of the project and continues through project completion.

4. Implementation: Our methodology streamlines implementation

During the Implementation phase, OTT, Inc. employs a proven methodology to ensure timely, successful deployment of systems that are designed to improve your business processes. Our approach has enabled hundreds of clients to implement smoothly and cost-effectively, and avoid the headaches that plague so many implementations.

5. Measurement: Confirming that all success criteria are met

The Measurement phase is the pinnacle of the pyramid just as much as the Assessment phase is the foundation of the pyramid. At the end of the process we confirm that the success criteria have been met. Only when we have met these criteria to 100 percent satisfaction do we consider the process complete and the project a success.

Trusted Partner Path


“Very thorough and we were successful in completing the project!”

“OTT, Inc. team members are always pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable when working through issues.”

How we get there, what you can expect and how we work for you

Optimization: We continually refine software applications

A continuous process of refining software applications and information networks to ensure that:

  1. Applications and data are robust;
  2. The solutions are secure;
  3. Information delivery is timely, complete and accessible.

Education: Regular events build the skills you need

OTT, Inc. offers many types of educational events to help you improve your efficiency and productivity. Events include online webinars, one-day events, and conferences.

Communication: Two way communication is essential for success

Communication is key to The Trusted Partner Path. From the start to finish, knowledge and expectations are managed to help OTT, Inc. clients maximize performance. Technical support, project management, education and events, newsletters, and account management are just a few of the communications our clients experience.

Support: We deliver both phone and remote software support

OTT, Inc. provides consistent high-quality support to our clients. Our comprehensive services include training, implementing new functionality, updating software applications, and custom development. In addition, OTT, Inc. has a dedicated technical team staffed by experienced consultants providing both phone and remote software support.

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