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Enhancing Relationships in your Nonprofit Enterprise

As both income and opportunity continue to fall throughout the country, the demand for nonprofit services escalates commensurately. Unfortunately, the same forces that are increasing demand are also making it harder for nonprofit to raise the funds they need to operate.

As the nonprofit world becomes more austere and competitive, service providers will need to leverage technology like other business organizations to increase their ability to maximize outreach while minimizing staff and overhead. Advanced software will be useful and necessary to enhance relationships with constituents such as donors, volunteers, recipients and the public at large. High quality relationship management applications provide the structure required for consistent, sustainable and personalized communication with your chosen constituency.

Recognized as a leader in the relationship management software marketplace, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers state-of-the-art architecture designed for the web. Perhaps more importantly, it provides “user friendly” configuration tools to personalize the application to the specific needs of your nonprofit organization.

OTT, Inc. has pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics CRM for efficient and cost effective fundraising and donor management activities.

For an introduction on how OTT, Inc.’s Donor Management CRM solution can work for your nonprofit, call OTT, Inc. at 651-262-2600 or email

By Bob Hoium, Business Solutions Advisor at OTT, Inc.

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