5 Advantages of Working with a NetSuite Solution Provider

If you’re thinking about a new ERP solution such as NetSuite, you’ve likely already put a great deal of thought and research into the functionality. However, the key to any ERP implementation being a successful investment is about more than the technology. Before you sign up with NetSuite, make sure you understand the features and benefits of working with a NetSuite Solution Provider. 

NetSuite has two partner types: Solution Providers and Alliance Partners 

A NetSuite Solution Provider is a company that partners with NetSuite to provide clients with extended expertise and personalized service through every step in their implementation journey and beyond. As full-service partners, Solution Providers are experts in helping organizations implement and integrate ERP, CRM, and other business applications.  

NetSuite Alliance Partners focus more exclusively on NetSuite implementations and integrations, but don’t provide the full-service experience throughout your ERP journey like a Solution Provider will. 

Here’s how partnering with a NetSuite Solution Provider like OTT, Inc. can extend the value of your technology investments:   

1. Methodology 

The project methodology is the glue that holds everything else together and makes sure your new ERP truly helps your business thrive. Your Solution Provider should have a proven methodology and a track record of successful implementations to help ensure your success. Here at OTT, Inc., our customers appreciate our Trusted Partner Path which has helped numerous businesses achieve long-term success.  

2. Evaluation 

Every organization is unique. Before purchasing licensing or starting an implementation, a Solution Provider will often start by conducting a formal assessment and making sure they fully understand your business and your needs. Because full-service partners specialize in helping with the entire ERP journey, they can give your business the expertise and insight to ensure you’ll fully achieve your goals.   

3. Licensing 

A Solution Provider can sell you NetSuite licenses directly and be your single point of contact for all licensing matters. The extra advantage is that they will understand your business on a deeper level and can ensure your licenses are aligned to your needs and goals. There’s no need to explain your situation to an unfamiliar salesperson, figure out any potential complexities of licensing, or worry about who to contact if your licensing needs have changed.  

4. Implementation 

When you entrust a Solution Provider for your ERP journey, they know how to optimize your solution for your business processes and position you for a smooth implementation. With a focus on desired outcomes, the partner can ensure timely deployment, personalized training, and maximum user adoption.  

5. Support 

Business needs and ERP technology are constantly changing, and implementation is only the beginning of the journey. Your Solution Provider backs you with ongoing support and training to ensure you continue to get the best out of your solution as your organization grows, shifts, and adapts over time.  

Want to talk to a NetSuite Solution Provider? 

OTT, Inc. is a certified NetSuite Solution Provider with a proven 5-step methodology to ensure measurable outcomes. We help clients throughout the entire process of evaluating and implementing ERP, and continue to provide ongoing support for the long term. As experts in ERP, CRM, and other business technologies, we can help you with all aspects of your solutions including extended applications, development, integrations, and customizations. Contact us today to talk to a NetSuite expert about your organization’s vision for the future.  

Published On: August 19, 2020By Categories: Blog