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What Our Customers Say

"Our Microsoft technologies help us reduce costs and increase efficiency, which ultimately enables us to focus on our restaurant business." Cheryl Becker, ROC Management

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been vital in helping us foster a collaborative work environment at Public Radio International. The notes and activities sections of our CRM help to increase communication and awareness both across and within various departments. Additionally, many of the customizations that OTT, Inc. developed for us, including automations that update records, approve changes and generate reports, have streamlined process and increased efficiency. We have also taken full advantage of the integration possibilities that CRM has with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our CRM truly functions as a centralized place for information." IT Specialist, Public Radio International

“Smooth process the whole way through. The Dynamics GP Upgrade process with OTT, Inc. exceeded my expectations.”  Jason Lind, Care Providers

"Initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP with associated modules was successfully tested and implemented in 60 days. "Our new system has increased efficiency, allowed us to integrate our operations, improved inventory tracking and accuracy, streamlined purchase and sales order processing, generated cost savings, saved time, and facilitated our growth into an industry leader. The ease of administration of Dynamics GP, its collaborative environment and information management, and OTT, Inc.'s commitment to helping Salon Innovations succeed has fueled that growth.” Sam Hanson, Finance Manager, Salon Innovations

"What brings people to us is our quality product and service. To that end, our Microsoft infrastructure helps us ensure we’re able to continually deliver quality and meet our customer expectations." Paul Mooty, CFO, Faribault Woolen Mill