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Reporting Services

group picture - websiteIn a world of data proliferation it can be tough to decide which pieces you need to pay attention to. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a tool OTT, Inc. uses to integrate data from many sources outside of Microsoft SQL Server that enables users to quickly and easily generate reports in many different ways.

The power of having a current, refreshable report is immeasurable in today's business.  No longer are you reliant on outdated information to make your business decisions. With the press of a button you are provided with the latest information that is feeding into your ERP system, providing you with the agility to make the types of decisions to keep your business moving forward.

The team at OTT, Inc. can work with all our clients to define the types of reports they require on a regular basis. We build the custom, preconfigured reports and save you hours of additional work every month by delivering your reports through the click of a single button.