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Scribe software provides the ability for you to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM applications to obtain a complete picture of your customer. With Scribe you can expose and share the financial data your business needs while preserving the integrity and access to Dynamics GP. You will be able to:

  • synchronize data automatically with sales, service and your support systems
  • reduce or remove the need for ad hoc reports, requests and CSV file extracts
  • augment your CRM information with relevant financial data to help your employees make sound decisions when selling to and servicing customers.
  • automate business operations between Dynamics GP and other line of business applications to enable quote to order and sales order processing
  • execute general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable batch creation

With the Scribe Dynamics GP connector you can expose:Scribe GP Connector

  • Customer, vendor and address entities to create and update data
  • expose order entry (create, read, update, delete, void)
  • item and invoice entities
  • accounting entities
  • assign sequential IDs
  • relationships between entities
  • one-way or two-way integrations in customer, order processing and accounting areas of Dynamics GP
  • connect directly to Dynamics GP entities and stored procedures using Scribe's SQL Connector.

Simply put, Scribe connects Microsoft Dynamics GP to your business data.

Benefits of ERP and Scribe Integration