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Today’s modern Enterprise Resource Planning systems provide flexible deployment options. When you choose to deploy your financial management system in the cloud you derive additional benefits such as:

  • Reducing your investment in hardware and freeing up investment for growth projects
  • Refocusing your IT staff on strategic projects that are more beneficial to your business
  • Going live in weeks instead of months
  • Scaling your infrastructure up or down as your business requirements change
  • Enabling your employees to access their business data literally from anywhere, allowing them to be more productive
  • Gaining around the clock access to your data which is housed in a secure environment, including backup and privacy control

As a long time Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner, OTT, Inc. chooses the Microsoft Azure platform for ERP implementations.

OTT, Inc., client Faribault Woolen Mill , a Minnesota based company rebuilt their business with Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud and transformed their aging plant into a modern business.



"What brings people to us is our quality product and service. To that end, our Microsoft infrastructure helps us ensure we’re able to continually deliver quality and meet our customer expectations." Paul Mooty, CFO, Faribault Woolen Mill

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