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CRM in Marketing and Advertising

How to Build Meaningful Customer Relationships Over the Holidays with CRM Software

Marketing and advertising are all about building connections and making sales. Businesses boost sales by getting in front of existing customers, highlighting products or services and inspiring potential customers to make a purchase. This time of year, marketing and advertising campaigns are put to the test.

In the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy, are you able to predict the success of your efforts? Learn how you can build meaningful customer interactions over the holidays, and throughout the year, by taking advantage of technology.

Are You Hearing What Customers Are Saying?

It’s a chaotic time of year for many businesses trying to keep pace with frantic holiday shoppers. Customers aren’t afraid to voice their concerns. Your sales team may hear the praises of great deals or the complaints of poor product quality. If you aren’t hearing any customer feedback, then there could be other challenges ahead. How do you hear what customers are saying and what are you doing about it?

Connect with Customers Using CRM

Today’s customer relationship management (CRM) systems offer a solid foundation upon which to build and strengthen customer relationships. An integrated system, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, brings together marketing, sales and customer services. Working together, these key teams can react faster to marketplace and customer trends to stay ahead of the curve. This helps ensure long-term customer relationships. Here’s what you can expect with CRM:

  1. Build leads: Create and release advertising and marketing campaigns through CRM, then measure the response. Leads can be quantified or measured so that you focus efforts on the leads more likely to turn to sales. In addition, you can automate how leads are assigned to specific sales representatives. Customers are often very clear about what they want. Matching them with a knowledgeable sales representative will start that relationship off on the right terms.
  2. Grow sales: As leads turn to sales, you will gain a treasure trove of information about each customer. Capture communications, whether by phone or email, and other important information within a customer account through a CRM tool. All of this information is easily accessible by any sales or customer service representative. Personalized attention is essential to developing long-term business relationships.
  3. Strengthen customer service: Customer relationships don’t end after the sale. Follow-up activities can be scheduled and automated with CRM. A phone call, survey or future marketing materials can be sent to customers and responses tracked. The more information you can gather about advertising campaigns, leads and sales, the more you can learn about completing a sale.


Get to Know Customers Better with a CRM Solution

During this busy time of year, it can be difficult to hear what customers are saying and track this valuable information. Without standardized and integrated systems, you could be missing out on the very customer information you need to build leads, improve sales and strengthen customer relationships.

Contact OTT, Inc. to learn how CRM can help you build meaningful customer relationships during the busy holiday season and throughout the entire year.