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Don’t Let Human Error Interfere with CRM Benefits

Many savvy businesses deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to gain insight into customer demands and behaviors, improve marketing and advertising efforts, and boost sales. There is a lot that a modern CRM solution can do; however, human error often gets in the way. Get the most out of your CRM solution by avoiding these common mistakes.

The right CRM solution benefits businesses of all sizes, in other words, CRM isn’t just for the big dogs. Many small- or medium-sized businesses deploy an affordable CRM solution and reap big benefits, essentially leveling the playing field with larger competitors. That said, there are several mistakes that can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of a CRM deployment, several of which are discussed below.

  1. Attitude: Deploying new technology is often met with resistance. If you can’t achieve buy-in from the very start, technology of any sort will be quickly abandoned. Start your deployment by involving sales and marketing managers and other key employees. Discuss what is expected from CRM and how it will benefit your business.
  2. Time: Many CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are easy to learn and use but there will still be a learning curve. Make sure appropriate training is offered to all CRM users and the software provider offers troubleshooting or follow-up training as needed. Just because it doesn’t deliver results immediately doesn’t mean it’s not working.
  3. Data: Bad data in will deliver bad data out. It’s important that users are entering the right data in the right way—all of it. When integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, data is shifted and shared automatically, reducing redundant data-entry and saving valuable time.
  4. Use: Take advantage of all the features CRM offers. Create and release email campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and tap into social media sites. Capturing the results of these efforts provides valuable insight into what your customers expect, how they prefer to interact with your business, and on what platform. With this new insight, fine-tune marketing activities and offer relevant, tailored content to your customers.

Modern CRM provides a powerful platform for sales, marketing and customer service data and offers visibility into these important operations and relationships. Reap all the benefits that CRM offers by making sure your teams are all on the same page. Contact OTT, Inc. for guidance and support before, during and after your CRM deployment.