Cloud Services

Cloud Services are quickly becoming the new “norm” for businesses to evaluate and invest in to operate their businesses. So what exactly are Cloud Services? Cloud Services are a single service or group of services provided over the internet for users to have access to and use on demand through a browser. This contrasts with on premise services which derive from in house servers or servers in a data center that are managed for you with your applications running on them.

Cloud versus On-Premise ERP

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OTT, Inc. is a cloud solution provider for two of the largest cloud companies in the world; Microsoft and NetSuite. We are also a top partner for one of the largest integration services platforms in the world; Tibco / Scribe.

With Microsoft we are a Tier One Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which means we can transact directly with our customers to manage their licensing, deploy and manage their solutions along with providing direct support. It is a strong benefit for customers to work with a Tier One solution provider, versus a Tier Two, because they can eliminate the “middle man”; a distributor of the licensing. For Microsoft, solutions we provide include AzureDynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics 365 for SalesOffice 365 and Power BI.

For NetSuite we are a Solution Provider Partner for their one unified business management solution which is the #1 Cloud Based ERP system in the world. It covers CRM, ERP, Service, Projects, eCommerce, warehousing, and the list of functionality goes on and on.

Integration platforms connect business systems across the globe along with key customers, suppliers and business partners. Scribe Online from Tibco is a preferred platform for thousands of companies across the globe. OTT, Inc. is recognized as a top partner for Tibco / Scribe. OTT, Inc. has deployed hundreds of integrations on the Scribe Online cloud platform.

Cloud Assessment

Are you wondering if the cloud is right for you and your business?

There is no question that a growing number of organizations, across every industry, are moving their business and financial management applications to the cloud. Cloud ERP provides an alternative to organizations that don’t want to spend time, money and resources maintaining the infrastructure that houses their business management applications.

OTT, Inc. offers a free Cloud Assessment service.  We will come out and meet with you to review your existing applications, talk through options on transitioning to the cloud and how all of this “cloud stuff” aligns with your overall business strategies and goals.

Is your business experiencing growth, dealing with geographic or mobility issues, struggling to enhance business processes?  The list can go on and on.  If any of these sounds familiar or keep you up at night; we can help you identify these and come up with a strategy to remedy the matters.

Cloud applications are scalable, flexibly, mobile and cost effective to use and manage.  All these factors are important to any business; no matter the size, industry or geographic location.

We can help you get started down the path to realizing all these great benefits.  An initial free one to two-hour meeting will enlighten you and help you to start piecing together a cloud strategy for your business.

OTT, Inc. has a proven 5 step methodology, The Trusted Partner Path, that will guide you and your business through the important steps to realize success with your business technology and related projects.

Cloud Migration

By now you have educated yourself on what types of cloud services are available and how to evaluate and plan for a move to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can be done in “baby steps” or with one big leap forward. The “baby steps” approach is a good option if you are looking to gain some of the benefits the cloud has to offer but not quite ready for a full application platform change for your business. You can simply take your on-premise application and install it in the Microsoft Azure Cloud all while maintaining your existing licensing, software assurance and user interface. You are just eliminating the on-premise hardware and other resources needed to keep the system up and running.

The one big leap forward involves moving from your existing on premise-based application to a new true cloud-based platform, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or NetSuite.  This is a transformational process for your business and is the implementation of a new ERP or CRM business management system.  This is the opportunity to transform your business by leveraging new processes, new features, analytics and business intelligence.  You never again have to invest in software assurance, perform upgrades, manage servers or backups; all these things are included in your software subscriptions.

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