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Cloud Services

Cloud computing or SaaS (Software as a Service) and a variety of other terms are used to describe software applications that can be utilized as if they were installed on the servers in your own office when they are actually hosted in the cloud or online.

A Cloud Computing solution has many benefits for organizations, such as:

  • minimizing hardware investment
  • no long-term contracts
  • scalable solutions to fit your business
  • the ability to pay for your software as you grow
  • data is always automatically backed up
  • everyone in your organization has access to the data or applications they need regardless of their location
  • collaboration with clients, vendors or employees is easier
  • cashflow becomes more predictable through consistent IT costs

It’s also important to consider the benefit of an on-premise solution that ensures your data is stored on-site with you. Many organizations also consider deploying a hybrid cloud solution where some applications are in the Cloud and others are on-premise.

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