Business Process Analysis

A Business Process Analysis is designed to review the current requirements and mission-critical functions, system inputs, system outputs, reports, potential interfaces, and process dependencies. Key to the value of the services is the interactive sessions between OTT, Inc. and the client during which procedures are outlined and the system environment is reviewed. This will assist in the best implementation and training decisions.

After the information is collected in the Business Process Analysis, a review meeting is be scheduled. The purpose is to discuss the business goals and objectives, expectations, and project scope as it relates to the information collected in the Business Process Analysis. The product of this meeting is a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished in the implementation and training of the application.

After the review meeting, the project structure documentation is customized to the project and sent to you. This packet of information includes a summarized letter detailing engagement standards, planning meeting documentation and the detailed project plan. Because the project scope is the backbone to what is set to be accomplished, it is clearly identified in the planning meeting documentation.

OTT, Inc.’s Business Process Analysis deliverables are:

  1. An onsite review and discussion of processes
  2. A Review meeting
  3. Provision of Solution recommendations
  4. A Proposed Project plan