Cloud ERP for High Tech Manufacturing

Optimize product development, meet customer needs, and increase profitability.

For high tech manufacturers, it’s a continual challenge to grow your business while controlling costs, ensuring quality, and meeting regulatory requirements. The costs of product design and development, emerging technologies, supply chain complexities, and security can really add up.

Using separate software applications to manage your manufacturing operations and supply chain can lead to disconnected data, process bottlenecks, production oversights, and inefficiencies throughout your business. To produce innovative products while keeping costs low and building customer loyalty, you need software solutions that encourage collaboration and enable better decision-making for your business.

Transform your manufacturing operations and outcomes with integrated business management solutions

An integrated high tech manufacturing ERP solution will give you the information and functionality you need to focus more on strategy, and less on redundant tasks. We can help you fulfill rapidly evolving market demands by shortening the product lifecycle, reducing production costs, and proactively identifying trends and potential issues.

Gain business insight and accelerate problem-solving

With an integrated ERP solution, you can easily collaborate from anywhere in the world. This empowers your entire team to make decisions based on financial and operational data spanning every detail of your manufacturing business–ranging from BOM schedules to budgeting to consumer preferences.

You can not only capture more meaningful data, you’ll be able to use it for insight and drive your business based on facts, rather than your best guess. Mobile-friendly dashboards and team collaboration tools make it easy for everyone to be on the same page.

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Reduce development and operational costs

Manufacturing quality technologies such as medical devices or electronics is a complex process, and the cost of design and development can often be a major roadblock to getting customers the solutions they need. With an integrated ERP solution designed for high tech manufacturing, you can shorten the product development cycle and become more agile by using machine learning and predictive analytics to reduce design oversight, optimize production schedules, improve logistics planning, and keep up with regulatory changes.

Build customer loyalty

Add value to the products you sell with a customer-centered, interactive experience. Use advanced analytics to anticipate changing customer preferences and demands, respond to shifts in your supply chain, know which products are performing best, and evolve your products to match consumer needs. With customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, you can gather information about prospects and customers that will allow you to provide personalized content, communications and customer service.

Streamline daily operations with flexible functionality and automation

Automate and streamline your reoccurring processes with customizable workflows, daily process automation, automated alerts, and more. Reduce manual procedures and common data entry errors, avoid machine downtime and bottlenecks, and implement proactive maintenance and asset management.

Empower employees

Make it easier for new employees to learn the ropes with simplified processes, guided task management, and customizable dashboards. With cloud-based technologies, workers can enjoy intuitive interfaces and real-time information accessible from any device, anywhere.

ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Reduce product development costs
  • Improve forecasting and cost planning
  • Increase margins with better budgeting
  • Comply with regulations and security requirements

ERP for Electronics Manufacturers

  • Understand and meet customer needs
  • Increase innovation and shorten time-to-market
  • Manage inventory in real time
  • Maintain high quality control standards

Why do high tech manufacturers choose OTT, Inc. to help them implement the right ERP?

Create measurable outcomes for your business

Since we’ve been implementing effective technology solutions since 1995, we know that technologies might change, but the values behind great customer service remain the same. We’re dedicated to designing solutions that meet the needs of your manufacturing organization and help you succeed. That’s why OTT, Inc. uses a personalized approach to help you get the best from your business solutions.

  • Our 5-step methodology, the Trusted Partner Path™, delivers proven results
  • Experts with decades of experience implementing business management solutions
  • We specialize in seamless integrations for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems
  • Advanced knowledge of the high tech manufacturing industry

Find the right solution to boost growth

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that’s best for every high tech manufacturer. OTT, Inc. specializes in many different software applications to ensure we can offer the best functionality for your business requirements.

Ensure long-term success with personal support

Your business decisions and changes don’t end with the adoption of your new ERP system.  After you’ve implemented your new high tech manufacturing software solution, we provide personal attention and ongoing support based on our in-depth knowledge of the culture and goals of your organization.

Contact OTT, Inc. if you would like to learn more. Contact us direct at 651.262.2622 or at