Cloud ERP for Food Manufacturing

Gain end-to-end insight into operations, optimize your supply chain, and boost profitability.

Do you have the tools you need to sustainably grow your business? Do you want to keep production efficiency up while guaranteeing quality control? Do you understand  changing consumer preferences to consistently increase sales? To achieve your goals in this day and age, you need to closely manage every detail of your manufacturing operations.

Many food manufacturers attempt to manage the different aspects of their business with separate software applications, but this leads to data siloes, making it difficult to understand the full picture of your business or the impact of your decisions. To produce high-quality food products, and ensure accurate traceability, you’ve got to have connected insight and 360-degree visibility.

Discover the power of integrated business management solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

An integrated food manufacturing ERP solution will empower every employee in your organization to track materials and products from the moment they enter your facility through delivery, exchanges and returns, and even warranties and service. Our solutions enable manufacturers to easily manage inventory in real time, improve forecasting, and reduce overstocking.

Gain visibility across the organization

With an integrated solution by OTT, Inc., you can gather, view, and understand your data in new ways. We will give you deeper insight into everything ranging from production schedules to product profitability to the goals and successes of sales performance. Mobile-friendly dashboards make it easy to consolidate and display both operational and financial data in real time.

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Make better decisions to improve profit and sustain growth

Collecting the right data is only the first step to better decision-making. With an integrated ERP solution designed for your food manufacturing business, you can harness the power of machine learning and advanced analysis to optimize production schedules, logistics planning, and more. Use artificial intelligence to tag photos and quickly sort and find ingredients and inventory based on any unique characteristics and attributes you assign – whether it’s item category, expiration date, flavor profiles or virtually anything relevant to your business. Customizable workflows, operational automation, and mandatory quality controls can improve the efficiency of daily processes while reducing manual procedures and eliminating common errors.

Empower employees with streamlined functionality and mobile access to information

Integrated solutions mean increased automation, customizable workflows, and improved efficiency for every employee in your organization. Enjoy easier onboarding and training for new employees with intuitive interfaces and guided processes. Today’s cloud technologies provide workers faster access to the information they need on any device, from any location.

Manage Your Entire Food Manufacturing Business with Ease

Production Optimization

Increased data visibility allows you to quantify changes and measure results. Expedite recipe development, optimize the manufacturing process, and reduce production bottlenecks.

Quality Control

Ensure you’re manufacturing top-notch products with mandatory quality controls, compliance tools, traceability from receipt to delivery, and robust shop floor controls.

Inventory Management

View accurate inventory levels in real time with barcoding systems to manage products by site, expiration, and more. Proactively manage your supply chain and automate picking and shipping.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Use Azure Machine Learning to automate time-series forecasting for revenue, inventory, and sales demand including considerations for trends, seasonality, holidays and more.

Analytics and

Integration allows you to connect all your operational and financial data. See your business in real-time through customizable dashboards or reports in the click of a button.

Marketing and

Understand your customers and their needs, track the success of your marketing efforts, provide personalized, responsive customer service, and know which products are performing best.

Why do food manufacturers choose OTT, Inc. to help them implement the right ERP?

We create measurable outcomes for your organization

We’ve been helping businesses implement effective technology solutions since 1995, and we know every organization is unique. If there was a single process or solution to guarantee long-term growth, you would have found it already. That’s why OTT, Inc. uses a personalized approach to help you comprehensively meet your needs. Our proven 5-step methodology, the Trusted Partner Path™, is centered around clear two-way communication and personalized attention:

  1. Assessment: gathering information about your organization
  2. Analysis: we review your key business processes
  3. Planning: we work with you to define goals, expectations, and project scope
  4. Implementation: we use a streamlined methodology that makes implementation quick and easy
  5. Measurement: we confirm all success criteria have been met

Learn more about OTT’s Trusted Partner Path.

You can depend on us to find the right solution to fit your unique needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that’s best for every food manufacturer. OTT, Inc. specializes in a variety of applications and helps you find the right software for your specific business requirements.

Our team delivers long-term success with ongoing support

Your business decisions and changes don’t end with the implementation of your new ERP system.  After you’ve adopted your new software solution, we provide personal attention and ongoing support based on our in-depth knowledge of the culture and goals of your organization.

Contact OTT, Inc. if you would like to learn more. Contact us direct at 651.262.2622 or at