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OTT, Inc.

OTT, Inc. is a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Silver Customer Relationship Management (CRM) partner and reseller of other technologies, located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We assist companies with improving business processes, becoming more efficient, and positioning them for growth in to the future.

We focus on learning your business and your business processes to provide total solutions to help you grow your business today and into the future. We are committed to being your trusted business solutions partner.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been vital in helping us foster a collaborative work environment at Public Radio International. The notes and activities sections of our CRM help to increase communication and awareness both across and within various departments. Additionally, many of the customizations that OTT developed for us, including automations that update records, approve changes and generate reports, have streamlined process and increased efficiencies. We have also taken full advantage of the integration capabilities that the CRM has with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our CRM truly functions as a centralized place for information."  Ashley Berube, IT Specialist, Public Radio International

“The financial management system handles our complex payroll and general ledger requirements very well. We can control batches and posting, use allocation accounts, and keep multiple years open at one time. We also benefit from the easy navigation through the drill back capabilities, searching mechanisms, and shortcuts. The Microsoft SQL database gives us easy access to data for reporting, importing, and exporting. It also gives us the ability to make system changes such as renaming vendors or customers and combining history for duplicates. This gives us better information to make business decisions and service our customers.” Mark Lien, CFO, Habilitative Services

"I am always amazed at the knowledge OTT, Inc. consultants have, I don't think there is anything they can not do. So impressed!" ~     "Very thorough and we were successful in completing the project!" ~     OTT, Inc. team members are always pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable when working through issues. Thank you! ~