Microsoft Dynamics GP customers have an important choice ahead. While GP on-premises will be supported in the years ahead, should you upgrade Dynamics GP and spend more money on systems that are longer a priority for innovation or updates?

Many companies are exploring options for upgrading Dynamics GP vs moving to 365 Business Central or NetSuite ERP. Both solutions are scalable, offer industry functionality, and give you all the advantages of the cloud—so how do you choose? OTT, Inc. implements and supports both solutions, so we have a few helpful considerations below to get started.

Benefits of Migrating Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

As a GP user, one of the biggest draws of moving to Business Central is that you are already familiar with the suite of Microsoft solutions so it might make the most sense in terms of an easier transition. Here are a few other advantages of Business Central vs. GP:

  1. Initial Cost: Though you might be more comfortable moving on-premise GP to Azure, a new implementation of Business Central can be about the same investment and you have a true cloud solution with an impressive roadmap for the future.
  2. Digital Innovation: Microsoft is betting big and investing a lot in digital transformation. Dynamics 365 Business Central fully supports digital business on a powerful cloud platform.
  3. Predictable Costs: Since Business Central is a SaaS application, you pay a monthly fee for a subscription which includes all your updates. No surprise fees and you’ll always be on the latest version.

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Benefits of Migrating Dynamics GP to NetSuit

NetSuite is also an excellent option for Dynamics GP users. As you will see in our points below, NetSuite is more of an “all-in-one” ERP solution with integrations you don’t get with GP. Here are a few advantages of NetSuite vs. GP:

  1. Built-in CRM and eCommerce: If you have battled the costs and complexity of integrating GP with CRM and/or eCommerce, you know what a benefit this is. NetSuite is a single, integrated suite of ERP, CRM, and eCommerce. It is all included as core functionality with no need to purchase additional modules or subscriptions.
  2. Supports modern revenue models: With GP, you are somewhat limited in revenue recognition capabilities. If this is an integral part of your business, you will really appreciate NetSuite’s native management of recurring billings, distributor revenue, royalties, and much more.
  3. Expanded analytics and business intelligence: Being able to see your company from end to end, and from the top down, isn’t easy in GP. It typically requires lots of bolt-on applications and costly customizations. In NetSuite, you get comprehensive insight tools like dashboards and visual analytics for a 360-degree view of your performance.

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