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Choosing the Right ERP Software Partner – OTT, Inc.

Choosing the right partner to implement the business software your company depends upon is vital to the implementation’s success and your business success. What do you need to look for?

5 Key Things - WhitepaperSuccessful companies look for five key attributes when selecting a technology business to partner with:

  • What certifications do they carry, and do they have the ones you need?
  • Do they have a tried and tested methodology that will smooth the process for you?
  • And more…

Download our white paper to uncover what else you need to look for when choosing an ERP Software Partner!

OTT, Inc. is a Microsoft Partner Network Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) partner located in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. With our RapidStart Implementation Process we help reduce time and effort needed to quickly transition to modern technologies that allow you to be more productive