Transform Your Field Service Business

Field Service Equipment MaintenanceIs field service in your organization synonymous with manual processes, reactive maintenance, constant phone calls, or impatient customers? These issues used to be a normal part of the industry. However, modern field service technology such as Dynamics 365 for Field Service and the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform the entire process and help your business grow. In today’s digital world, you need to adopt integrated technologies to keep margins healthy, or risk falling behind the competition.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service connects technologies such as Dynamics  365 Business Central ERP, Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM), IoT Edge Devices, Azure Cloud Services, Power BI analytics and more into one unified field service management platform. This provides built-in intelligence and real-time information with a predictive maintenance model so you have all the insight you need to make informed business decisions. Everything is integrated from financials to inventory to scheduling and service resolution.

Here are 4 ways a connected field service management solution will take your service to the next level:

1. Switch from Scheduled Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance

The classic field service model requires scheduled maintenance to ensure equipment doesn’t break down, but this involves technician visits even when nothing is wrong with the machine – and it can be difficult to respond quickly when things really do break.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service leverages IoT device tracking to help you fix service issues proactively. Your equipment can send automatic alerts and begin workflows to solve problems as they occur, or proactively before issues even happen. This makes it possible to diagnose and fix service events remotely, or dispatch a technician only when needed. You’ll save on operational costs while simultaneously reducing equipment down-time and keeping customers happier.

2. Help Your Technicians Succeed

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Management, your technicians will have better access to the support and information they need to perform high-quality work. Automate scheduling and use built-in intelligence to send the right technician to the right job and schedule more appointments per day; the drag-and-drop schedule board makes it easy to move resources and assign them across multiple work orders.

Help your technicians arrive on-time and well-informed. Our field services management technology can automatically send their route info, step-by-step directions, real-time updates to work orders, customer history, and customized task-based instructions.

Technicians can easily access back-office information from their mobile devices as well so they don’t have to place a phone call to the office, making them more effective and efficient for customers. To top it off, Dynamics 365 for Field Service supports the use of mixed reality headsets to offer real-time guidance as technicians work on a task.

3. Improve Your Customer Experience

Modern technology is elevating consumer expectations: your customers expect personalized, high-quality, timely service more than ever before. Luckily, Dynamics 365 for Field Service makes it easy to build trust by easily sending information such as quotes, contracts, scheduling, or appointment reminders. Clients can go to the customer portal to schedule their own appointments, view the location of technicians as they’re en route on their mobile device, or check the status of service activities and case history in real-time.

4. Integrate and Automate Your Accounting

With Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics CRM, you can seamlessly integrate field service management, sales, operations and accounting. Use automated workflows in Business Central to create invoices, work orders, purchase orders, service reports, and so much more.

To give just a few examples: with Dynamics 365, technicians can submit service reports directly from their mobile devices so you can bill clients almost immediately after a service event instead of taking weeks to sort through all of the paperwork and send an invoice. It’s also possible to integrate your inventory management with field services to track inventory all the way down to truck level and be sure that you have the parts you need for each service call.

Want to learn more about Dynamics 365 for Field Service?

Despite all of the benefits, many service organizations have yet to adopt a modern, integrated field services management solution. Why? Because such a radical transformation of operational processes requires a solid understanding of the different technology options and how they might work for your company. Given how rapidly business applications change in today’s market, this information is understandably difficult to keep up with. That’s where OTT is here to help. We’re experts in helping you evaluate and invest in software solutions that make sense for your business and budget.

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you can revolutionize field service management from the ground up with predictive maintenance, better technician support, improved customer experiences, and integrated operational and financial accounting. Let us help you – contact us today!