NetSuite for Nonprofits

Transform your Nonprofit Today with an Integrated Solution from NetSuite

Are you leading a Not for Profit organization that is struggling with disparate systems, spreadsheets, different applications for fundraising, grant management, accounting, etc.? Are all these different systems and silos of data creating more headaches and expense than necessary?

If the above sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. We work with many Not for Profit organizations and find this as a common theme. The good news is we have solutions for you to remedy the problems, bottlenecks, and unnecessary expenses!

NetSuite is the #1 Cloud Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution in the world, and they have deployed solutions for over 2,000 Not For Profit organizations. NetSuite has solutions that scale to meet your needs whether  large or small. NetSuite have four offerings and there is sure to be one to be the right fit for your organization.

Social Impact Donation is ideal for smaller, local Not for Profits. It can be a free subscription to use based on user counts needed. So, your investment will just be in professional consulting services to get you migrated to the NetSuite cloud based application and then have the system configured to meet your needs. Other offerings include Suite Success Social Impact Starter, Standard and Premium.

NetSuite has a complete solution for managing your entire organization including nonprofit financials, CRM, project management, ecommerce and more.

Here is a summary of all of the functionality you get in a single, fully integrated solution from NetSuite:

Core Accounting – General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Banking and Financial Reporting.

Fund Accounting – Comprehensive fund accounting framework to manage diverse revenue streams, correlate fund sources to associated expenses and manage fund restrictions.

Grant Accounting – Ability to track projects to many grants and automate time and expense management.

Nonprofit Reporting – Statement of Activities, Financial Position and Functional Expense based reporting standards.

Constituent Relationship Management – Track individuals, organizations, households, relationships, and multiple revenue systems integrating both constituent and transactional data in one system.

Human Resources – Unified control over core HR processes including employee information, new hires, onboarding, payroll, promotions, compensation changes and more.

KPI’s, Roles and Dashboards – Nonprofit Financial KPIs, reports and analytics for all key stakeholders on pre-built dashboards based on common roles across many Not for Profit organizations.

OTT, Inc., and our Team are here to help you transform your technology and applications to streamline your operations. Take the time and expense out of managing all your disparate systems and put that time into leading your cause, executing on your vision and realizing your mission!

OTT, Inc. is a NetSuite Solution Provider based locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We have been working with Not for Profit organizations for over 20 years successfully delivering solutions to meet their needs. To learn more, please contact Eric Sheehan at or 651.262.2622

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