SQL Server & Integrations

You may wonder whether there is value to integrating your data and what data should be integrated? The value is most certainly there and the process of merging data and databases can be overwhelming and expensive. It can also provide the silver bullet you have been looking for in terms of profitability, delivering better customer service, optimizing inventory as well as driving sales. Data integration provides you with the opportunity to preserve valuable existing relationships as well as uncovering future value.

Keeping your data in silos empowers no one in your business. It is difficult for everyone in your organization to be effective if they have to log into and out of different software programs to gather the data they need to either provide good service to a client; understand the true cost of raw materials or know where the company may be exposed. Through the utilization of dashboards and role based reports you can truly enable the type of decision making that makes your company profitable.

Mobile tools allow the various decision makers within your company to be more effective and productive in how they spend their working hours. Whether they are visiting clients; taking sales orders or delivering a service, they need to have access to the back end systems to accurately record their billable hours; understand inventory availability and delivery dates; place orders or review reports to make wise investment decisions while travelling.

At OTT, Inc. we utilize SQL Server Reporting Services and industry leader, TIBCO (formerly Scribe Software), to build the necessary reporting dashboards and integrate data sources to enable our clients’ business success.

Are your Microsoft SQL servers healthy and operating at full capacity or do you just need to have detail status documents on your server?  A new service offered by OTT, Inc. is a ‘SQL Server Health Check’; with this service we will run a full diagnostic check on your SQL server, as well as provide detailed status reports.

What do you get with this service?

  1. Basic Server Setting Details
  2. SQL Database Settings/Properties for all your user SQL databases
  3. Detailed Security Reports
    1. Security logins and access levels
    2. Security Audit
      1. Login Counts
      2. Accounts with System Admin rights
      3. Fixed Server Roles
      4. Fixed Database Roles
      5. Non-Fixed Database Roles
      6. Server Level Permission Details
      7. Database Level Permission Details
      8. Password Policy Details
      9. Orphan Logins
      10. Orphan Users
      11. Database Owner Details
  4. Backup Details
    1. List of databases with no resent backups
    2. List of databases with resent backups
  5. Database Growth Settings/Rates
  6. SQL Agent Jobs with Status
  7. SQL Backup Settings (per database)
  8. 30-60 Minute Session with OTT, Inc. Consultant to go over Results and Provide Recommendations

Contact OTT, Inc. if you would like to learn more. Contact us direct at 651.262.2622 or at info@ott-inc.com.