Grant Management for Non-Profits

The co-ordination and administration of grants in a non-profit or education environment is a time consuming and complex process. A grant manager or administrator is often responsible for many tasks, such as:

  • Grant writing
  • ensuring compliance and accountability
  • forming and coordinating grant project teams
  • generating reports to ensure transparency and accountability
  • grant tracking to ensure funds are being spent appropriately
  • ensuring consistent communication and collaboration between teams.

Grant management software is designed  to reduce the time spent on these tasks through the automation of repetitive processes such as workflow tracking and opportunity discovery. Streamlining grant activity ensures compliance with the tax-exempt status of a non-profit and sets the non-profit up for future grants.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Grant Management module enables Non-profit organizations manage the grant process successfully. Built into the Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack, non-profits have the software they need right out of the gate.

Case Study: OTT, Inc.  provided Habilitative Services with an integrated system that enhances data integrity, provides better information, and saves time and money. Read more.