What Can CRM Do for My Business?

What Can CRM Do for My Business?

Without customers, your business won’t get very far. Right now, you and your sales team might be able to stay on top of existing customer needs and look for new opportunities. However, there will come a time when there are too many leads to remember and you might start dropping the ball with your current customers. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers a much easier, automated way to stay on top of everything from marketing to sales to customer services.

In fact, after you see what CRM can do for your business, you might wonder why you waited so long to deploy it in the first place!

How Do You Manage Leads and Sales Data Now?

You’ve hired talented sales representatives that are great at engaging new prospects and existing customers. It’s not difficult to manage leads and sales when there are just a few. However, with growth, the tables turn and you might find leads getting lost or falling through the cracks. Existing customers may get put on hold or follow-up activities could be delayed as they pile up. It may soon seem apparent that managing leads and sales data isn’t effective using manual means.

Managing key prospect and customer data in disparate systems, spreadsheets or other individualized methods creates another problem for business leaders. When sales representatives keep this information close to their chest, leaders aren’t able to use it to forecast potential sales or revenues. In addition, it’s difficult to determine whether leads are being handled efficiently or whether customers are getting the personalized attention they expect.

How you manage leads and sales data now will have an impact on future sales, customer relationships and business success. Before your sales and customer service teams experience growing pains, replace inefficient processes with modern technology.

3 Benefits CRM Brings to the Table

Modern CRM offers a competitive edge you just can’t get with specialty software or spreadsheets. A robust system centralizes all of your leads, sales and customer data within a single, integrated system. This enables leaders to access and analyze data, but also provides your sales and customer service teams with a powerful and real-time tool. Here are three benefits CRM brings to the table:

  1. Streamline lead management: Leads can come in from a variety of sources including your website, social media and customer referrals. For certain businesses, leads can take a long time to nurture. CRM offers a centralized place to establish leads, channel them to the right sales representative and nurture to completion. You can establish workflows and alerts to streamline how leads are handled, assign the person responsible for the lead and capture what actions take place.
  2. Strengthen customer relationships: Similarly, once a prospect becomes a customer, you have a centralized location for all communications and customer-centric information. You and your team can easily find letters, emails and key data for each customer such as product preferences or specifications. With access to this data, any of your skilled sales representatives can provide prompt, accurate responses to customer needs, answer questions and deliver the personalized experiences expected in this fast-paced, digital era.
  3. Boost sales: A CRM solution offers something you cannot get from specialty software and manual processes – a 360-degree view of leads, sales and customer information. Dashboards, robust reporting and other business intelligence (BI) features offer a powerful way to look at all of this data. You can monitor key metrics, identify trends in your data, then use this information to forecast sales and inventory needs, determine which marketing or sales efforts yield the best sales, and dive deep into quantifying leads worth following or those which putting on the back burner for more profitable pursuits.

Build a Strong Business with CRM

Business growth often brings growing pains and you can’t let that impact lead management or customer relationships. If you are experiencing growth now, or plan to, then now is the time to make sure your technology can support your sales and customer service teams. Don’t lose track of leads or let customer needs fall through the cracks. Contact OTT, Inc. to learn how you can boost sales and build a strong business with CRM.