Platform as a Service

Microsoft Azure is a proven platform for deploying your applications and APIs without the need for high priced servers and the high cost of labor to maintain them.

Azure allows you to quickly deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud and you can scale from one to hundreds in a matter of minutes.  After you have your applications deployed, Azure will manage the provisioning, load balancing along with health monitoring and more.  Applications are backed up with industry-leading 99.95% monthly service level agreements.

By moving to Azure you no longer have to be responsible or worry about patching, hardware issues or networking failures.  You can be continuously operational by redirecting traffic from a troubled instance to ones that are running smoothly.  Automatic OS updates are provided along with security patches to ensure you are running on the most current set of tools.

Azure can also work as a staging environment for testing new versions for upgrades and help manage a smooth transition to the latest release of your mission critical business applications.