Disaster Recovery

Azure Disaster Recovery Solutions

Some of the popular Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery solutions include regional/global failover options, hot/cold standby models and rolling reboot capabilities.

Azure is an ideal solution for businesses that have a footprint across multiple regions in a geographic area or even globally across continents.  Azure’s failover options are ideal for businesses in this environment.  Multi-region availability is a must for business with operations spanning geographic regions; if one region goes down, a failover option and be quickly deployed.  Azure supports both automatic and manual failover options.

Automatic failovers are predefined settings that tell the system what to do if one region goes down.  The regions are then monitored so that once the down region is back up and running then operations can be switched back to their primary or default region.  Manual failovers are available to be managed and initiated from the Azure Portal.  Manual failovers ensure zero data loss and zero availability loss and are managed by your administrators in the portal.

Azure is also an excellent solution for Hot/Cold Standby models.  A cold standby is a redundancy method that involves having one system as a backup for another identical system.  A cold standby is called upon only at the failure of the primary system.  A hot standby is a system that runs simultaneously with another identical system.  If the primary system fails the hot standby system immediately takes over.  In this system, both have identical data.

Rolling reboot capabilities allow for a list of servers, in sequence, to one by one disable logons.  It then allows for the server to reboot as needed for maintenance.  After it has rebooted then they move on to the next server in the sequence.