Backup & Redundancy

Your business data is the lifeline of your business and it must be protected and backed up to ensure your business continuity.  Unforeseen things happen and you need to be prepared and ready to react when they do.

Microsoft Azure is a perfect solution to be deployed as a cloud-based back up as a service.  Azure Back Up supports VMware and Hyper-V running on either Windows or Linux Servers.  In addition, physical Windows Servers are compatible too.

Azure Backup is a cost-effective solution for your business regardless if you are looking for a short term or long term data retention plan.  You have the flexibility to restore virtual machines, entire servers right down to individual data folders and files.

Azure Backup is easy to deploy and it automatically detects your on-premise virtual machines and data.  It is centrally managed from an Azure Dashboard so you can quickly and easily manage your data.