Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, fully managed relational cloud database service from Microsoft.  It has built-in intelligence that learns your database patterns and automatically adjusts to ensure you are running at optimum performance and security protection.

Regulatory compliance is something taken very seriously by Microsoft.  Azure SQL Database has physical and operational security that meets the most stringent regulatory compliances including HIPPA, PCI DSS and Fed-RAMP.

Azure SQL Database is a highly scalable data centre in the cloud.  It provides high-speed operations with minimal downtime and improved usability compared to on-premise solutions.  It also comes with easy to use migration tools to bring your on-premise databases into the cloud.

Get started today!  It’s never been easier to import and migrate bulk data from on-premise databases or other cloud provider’s databases to Azure SQL Database.  Migrate unstructured or semi-structured data into a SQL database that will provide your business with consumable data products for analytics, usage and reporting.