Multi-Entity Management

Binary Stream

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) was developed for organizations who struggle with managing multiple companies in GP. Rather than maintaining all of them as separate databases, MEM allows multiple companies or locations to share Items, Vendors, Customers, and GL accounts all in one single company database! This environment allows you to efficiently process centralized and decentralized accounting transactions, while providing a comprehensive data filtering system to ensure data security and integrity. Additionally, we utilize account substitution, so that when required, the system will automatically and correctly create all of the due-to/due-from transactions.

In addition to the time saved but no longer needing to login/logout of the various companies, MEM users also benefit from a much simpler upgrade process, as now there’s just a single database to maintain and migrate. MEM is a horizontal solution with customers that range from long-term care facilities, franchise ownership groups, and large holding companies. MEM also provides excellent reporting tools, so you can easily drill down to a specific business unit, or get the big picture of the entire enterprise. If the administration of your companies is becoming difficult, take a look at the functionality that MEM has to offer. With over 2000 worldwide users, this is a mature, reliable product, which can help you save both time and money, and also make better business decisions.