eCommerce Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

In today’s business world, eCommerce is becoming a critical system requirement for business of all sizes. eCommerce is more than just an online store front where you purchase goods and services. eCommerce covers areas such as online bill pay portals for customers, electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange (EDI) and many other forms of electronic business communication.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides many eCommerce options and has a network of independent software vendors (ISV’s) that have out of the box integrated solutions to provide your business with the exact eCommerce needs your company has.

OTT, Inc. is very skilled in eCommerce and we have a strong network of business partners that we have established relationships with.  You can trust you will be in good hands with us regarding all of your organization’s eCommerce needs.

Nodus Technologies provides businesses and developers with integrated payment solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and CRM, on-premise or in the cloud. Our expertise in electronic payment processing, B2B & B2C ecommerce, online bill pay and cloud payment solutions assists organizations of any size and industry with achieving PCI compliance while automating accounts receivables, expediting funding, and improving the customer experience.

Nodus processes millions of payment transactions totaling billions of dollars, through thousands of customers each year. In-house merchant account and professional services provide value-added savings and convenience, and collectively, help make Nodus the preferred partner for leading companies worldwide.

EStore Solutions Stack PDF
Fully featured eCommerce solution that automates the handling of web orders and is fully integrated with Dynamics GP.

Credit Card Advantage PDF
Credit card and ACH/echeck processing directly inside of Dynamics GP to offer a fast and secure way to process payments and eliminate double entry into your accounting system.

EPay Advantage PDF
Offering enterprises the ability to provide their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. Customers can view and make payments against open invoices. Approved transactions are sent to Dynamics GP and applied to the corresponding invoice/s.

Nodus eStore Solution Stack PDF Nodus Credit Card Advantage PDF Nodus ePay Advantage PDF