Document Management Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

Document Management is much more than just storing electronic copies of documents on your server or in the cloud.  It can add in additional features like work flow, automatic processing, revisioning, sharing and search capability.  Some of the document management solutions can also fill data entry screens for you based on the scan of the document.

With Microsoft Dynamics we have integrated document management solutions that can enhance and streamline your Accounts Payable processing with data entry and workflow approvals.  These solutions extend well beyond Accounts Payable and can be a enterprise wide document management solution for your business covering areas such as legal, payroll and human resources.

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Altec is a leading provider of Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) Enterprise Document Management and Workflow solutions. Altec’s flagship product, doc-link™, allows companies to go paperless and work more efficiently. doc-link eliminates costs associated with storing, printing and sending paper documents and saves time normally spent waiting for approvals or searching for files. Documents are stored electronically in a repository where they can be easily retrieved, routed for approval and automatically outputted in the preferred format.

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INTEGRATED document management and workflow solutions doc-link electronically captures documents; streamlines business processes using workflow; automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms; and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

Go From Paper... The different steps and the attendant paper involved in a typical PO-based AP process, where multiple copies of documents need to be moved, reviewed, filed and cross-referenced

To Paperless!
The exact same process, but without the attendant paper involved, making the AP workflow process more cost-efficient and time-efficient. Internally generated documents are captured directly into doclink. Externally generated documents are brought into doc-link through scan, fax or other capture methods. Documents are electronically processed and anyone with security rights may access them from anywhere.

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ImageTag leads the transactional content management market by eliminating manual, paper-based business processes. ImageTag helps people get their lives back by automating the painful tasks of printing, routing, tracking and filing documents.

KwikTag, ImageTag’s core document management system, integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL and AX to simplify access to transaction-related documents in any business process. KwikTag excels at accounting and expense management systems; and form or document tracking for employees, vendors, partners and other paper-intensive relationships.

ImageTag provides training, certification and marketing support. Join our community of lifehackers and improve the quality of life for your customers.

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Your Complete Solution for Dynamics GP Document Management

KwikTag for GP delivers instant access to scanned paper and electronic files anywhere within
Dynamics GP. KwikTag extends access to a Web browser—so even your non-GP users can get the
information they need, wherever they need it. Beyond document capture, KwikTag for GP offers
powerful workflow for automating any document-driven business process.

One System | Any Department | Any Process | Any Document

Metaviewer Paperless Automation

Continuing in their efforts to provide the most robust and easy-to-use accounts payable automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Metafile has launched the new MetaViewer Intercompany Module.

This feature integrates with the Intercompany feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP, allowing users to code a single invoice to multiple entities from within MetaViewer.  MetaViewer then automatically uploads the transaction to Microsoft Dynamics GP without any user interaction or manual data entry.  The transaction appears in Microsoft Dynamics GP, ready for posting and payment.

Download the MetaViewer brochure.

MetaViewer’s 100% paperless ERP solution—fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP—brings order to the growing
chaos using a highly efficient and fully visible process to manage the capture, workflow and storage of your documents.
With MetaViewer, you’ll experience dramatically increased control of your business information and processes at significantly reduced cost.

-Fully automated document capture
-Fully intelligent workflow
-Fully visible end to end
-Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP


Liaison Software’s Messenger family of products focus on automated business form and report distribution. Since 1999, we have had over 1,300 clients that have utilized a solution in our Messenger family of products.

Liaison’s solutions intelligently automate the distribution of business forms and reports using your existing reports and existing print procedures I’ve attached more detailed information on Messenger EDD with the following brief description:

Liaison Messenger EDD
Using your existing Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, or NetSuite Cloud ERP reports, SSRS, Crystal Reports, etc. and existing print procedures from your existing ERP solution, Messenger EDD allows you to create unique scripts for your business forms and report distribution allowing for automated batch emailing, batch faxing, built-in archiving, and distribution to customers, vendors, internal employees, warehouses, etc. all based on the data being processed and the pre-determined rules you create upon initial setup.

Even attach supporting documentation, both static and/or variable. For example, when sending out customer statements, include all supporting invoices listed on the statement in one PDF.