What makes NetSuite the #1 Cloud ERP Software – a Partner’s Perspective

Cloud-based solutions are becoming more popular than ever. NetSuite boasts as the #1 Cloud ERP Software and for good reason. With seamless integrations, personalized key performance indicator dashboards & the ability to easily customize the software to fit individual consumer needs, it’s hard to find a competitor that can offer a similar product.

NetSuite’s integrated CRM offering eliminates the need to maintain two separate systems for client & financial data. Within this single application, customer-facing CRM and E-commerce capabilities are integrated out-of-the-box for seamless implementation. Since NetSuite is cloud-based, IT costs are drastically reduced, no more managing individual workstation installations or upgrading servers.

Workflow Manager allows users to create diagrams by using a drag-and-drop tool. These diagrams allow the consumer to create custom processes and include items that may be unique to the consumer business. Workflows can be used to establish reminders, tasks, sales processes and customer support processes. You can also use workflows to obtain approval for employee time, purchases & expense reports. Workflow also has the ability to set the Release Status to testing mode for comprehensive testing before implementation.

NetSuite Workflow

NetSuite’s Project Management module integrates seamlessly with the NetSuite accounting system and provides the capability to manage multiple types of projects including time and materials and fixed price projects. This module combines project management and time and expense tracking with issuing invoices and comparing project performance to budgets. Project Dashboards gives managers a visual analysis of the status of specific projects. Employees can also use their iPhone to create and submit time and expense reports, directly upload images of receipts and view time entries.

NetSuite Dashboard

Implementations are faster and thus less expensive with NetSuite. Business modules enable phased implementations according to your requirements. Importing in historical data is a streamlined with the Import/Export CSV functionality provided with NetSuite.

NetSuite’s built-in flexibility, easy implementation, visible business intelligence & scalability makes it a no-brainer choice for companies looking for a new ERP solution.

By Sarah Britton, NetSuite Consultant, OTT, Inc. Minneapolis. OTT, Inc. serves small businesses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota.

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