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Tip! Microsoft Dynamics GP “Refreshable” Excel Reports

What is a Microsoft Dynamic GP “Refreshable” Excel Report (MDGP Excel)? It’s an Excel file that automatically updates data from Dynamics GP when you open the file. There are many MDGP Excel reports available to deploy based on existing Smart List favorites including but not limited to: Financial, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Fixed Assets and Payroll.

How could this help my organization? If any of these apply:

  • You have users running the same Smart Lists frequently just to get new data. Users could have the data automatically update just by opening the file.
  • You have Smart Lists that take a long time to run. Performance will vary but I’ve seen Excel files refresh 20,000 lines in 2 seconds.
  • You have users who need to see data but you don’t want those users logging into GP. MDGP Excel reports do not use GP logins or security. Security is controlled through SQL.

What version of GP and Excel do I need to be on? The earliest versions supported were GP10 and Microsoft Office 2003. However, later versions of GP have made deploying the reports easier and Office 2007 was the first version to have 1,048,576 rows available.

Do I need to purchase MDGP Excel Reports? This is not an additional module to buy. OTT offers a flat fee which includes installation and overview training (1 hour, 1 user) of how to create and run reports.

Below is an example of a Sales MDGP Excel Report. Since you are working in Excel, you have options including but not limited to: changing columns, adding filters, create pivot tables, add conditional formatting, and save formulas and more. You could create a workbook with data from different series (ex. Sales worksheet and financial worksheet). You can rename the files and save in your favorite folders. You can even save the file and remove the data connection so the data will not change.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Report screenshot

If you would like to learn more about MDGP Excel Reports, please contact us at or call us at 651-262-2626.

By Lisa Stiteler, Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant, OTT, Inc.

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