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The Cloud Offers Options & Chance To Make Changes

The cloud offers a new opportunity for businesses to make changes to their existing business management solutions. Moving from an on-premise software solution to the cloud (or implementing a hybrid solution) can save money, time, and offers the chance to make your business solutions even better.

Over time, businesses go through changes. You may add or change product and service offerings, experience operational changes, or modify strategic goals. Going in a new direction can be great for the business; however, it often means making tweaks or big changes to your business management solutions. Whether you need to replace inadequate solutions with one of today’s more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions or just need to make changes to the solution you have in place, the cloud offers options.

Cloud-computing involves using a business management solution, such as ERP, that is either hosted on your own or on a software provider’s cloud network. You can also chose a hybrid solution where some data remains on-premise while some is in the cloud. There are many benefits to pursuing cloud-based services:

  • Affordable: Save money in upfront costs such as having to purchase or modify existing servers and other hardware that can be expensive. In addition, cloud costs are predictable with consistent monthly costs that you can build into your budget.
  • Scalable: Add or remove users as labor needs change such as with seasonal hiring, for example. You can also modify features and functions as operational needs change over time.
  • Rethink IT resources: Your IT department can focus on other important issues while your cloud services are being managed by your software provider. Your IT team can save time from having to perform backups, updates, and other maintenance tasks, and focus on strategic IT improvements that can save money and improve customer service.
  • Mobility: Strengthen communication and collaboration with your sales and field services teams that are out of the office, as well as at other business locations. Entering and accessing data from nearly anywhere, at any time, can provide real-time insight that you can use.

If you are considering making changes to your business management solutions, then remember that you have options. Contact OTT, Inc. to discuss your best options when choosing ERP solutions and cloud offerings. Together we can find the right tools that support your business growth.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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