How Will Switching to Cloud ERP Affect Your Personnel?

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In today’s business world, successful organizations need to leverage the best technology while cultivating a good work culture for their employees. If you’re considering implementing a new ERP solution, then understanding the relationship between your ERP application and your employees’ daily experiences is critical to making choices that will maintain a healthy, growing business.

How will adopting cloud-based ERP affect your business and your people? Our new eBook, The Midwestern Skeptic’s Guide to Cloud ERP, explores this topic further, but here’s a quick summary of effects your personnel may experience: 

IT Department

If you switch from on-premises ERP to cloud-based ERP, you’ll no longer need to purchase and maintain your own infrastructure, so you’ll save money on hardware. That also means you’ll save time and money on personnel. For the IT folks who’ve traditionally been tasked with the hardware upkeep, you’ll be freeing them up to do more important tasks that are more strategic for the business. 

Key Decision Makers

Compared to traditional on-premises systems, cloud-based ERP solutions provide better access to more metrics, usually in real time. Because of this, the transition to cloud-based digital finance usually provides a huge boost in data visibility for key decision makers in an organization. With quality cloud-based software and customized dashboards with real-time metrics, your decision makers can access key business information from anywhere, anytime. This knowledge transforms daily executive decisions from an art into a science.

The Finance Team

Quality cloud-based ERP solutions focus on workflows, automation, and collaboration to enable your finance team to save time on manual tasks and information distribution. With this time saved and the increased visibility offered by real-time dashboards, your finance department will be empowered to gather and analyze more data, and to play a larger role in the success, strategies, and growth of the company.

Mobile Workers

To do their jobs best, your workers need to have access to important information even when they’re working remotely or traveling. With cloud-based ERP, your organization can easily provide mobile access with intuitive interfaces, without worrying about the security concerns of having data scattered across home computers and thumb drives.


If your business has investors or other stakeholders, switching to cloud-based ERP ensures your software remains compliant and secure as laws and technologies change. This compliance is critical for investors to put their trust in your business.

How Will Cloud ERP Change Your Business?

Switching to cloud-based ERP software will affect your business processes as well as the daily experiences of your employees and stakeholders. For a list of helpful questions about switching to the cloud, check out our new eBook, The Midwestern Skeptic’s Guide to Cloud ERP or contact us today for a personalized assessment of your business’s readiness to make the switch.  

Published On: June 19, 2019By Categories: Blog