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Protecting Your Investment with Software Assurance

You have invested in a powerful business management solution to streamline operations, improve control and insight, and support growth. Keep your solution running smoothly and get access to additional resources with Software Assurance.

When you deploy a Microsoft product, , you can extend the value of your products by taking advantage of Software Assurance. Software Assurance includes an array of tools and resources to support your IT department as well as the end users of your business solutions. Several of the main Software Assurance features include:

  • Planning services to streamline the deployment process
  • Additional training for your IT department and end users – in person and online options
  • Around-the-clock access to troubleshooting assistance
  • New software release rights, at no additional cost, during the agreement term
  • Consistent, predictable payment terms
  • Specialized technologies only available to Software Assurance customers

One of the most significant benefits offered with Software Assurance includes the training opportunities that are available at your convenience for your IT team and end users. After standard training and deployment, your people can benefit from additional, detailed on-site or online training sessions. Your IT department can receive in-depth, technical training that they can use to support end-users and improve their skill set. Employees can also benefit from learning more about the solutions and can become more proficient and productive when using your business tools. Take a moment to watch the “Learn the Basics” video that profiles the Software Assurance program and key benefits.

OTT, Inc. also offers on-site and classroom training, as well as a variety of technical support services. Our team of experts can provide follow-up support, training, troubleshooting, and other services to ensure that your people and your business is capitalizing on every advantage that your business solutions can offer.

Get the most out of your business management solutions by taking advantage of the support services offered by Software Assurance and your trusted software provider. Contact OTT, Inc. to discuss how the Software Assurance program and the team of experts at OTT, Inc. can benefit your business, IT department, and end-users.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

Published On: October 17, 2014By Categories: Blog