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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Measure Social Media Marketing

Are Your Social Marketing Campaigns Making Cents?

Marketing and advertising have evolved greatly as new social channels continue to demand your attention. Does a business even exist if it doesn’t have a social media presence? In many cases, probably not. However, just having a social media presence doesn’t mean guaranteed success. To the contrary, you could be wasting valuable time and efforts on marketing in a social media space that isn’t right or relevant for your business—or customers. Learn how technology can help you better measure and manage your social marketing campaigns.

Most Marketing and Advertising Budgets Have Limits

Like every other line item on the budget, chances are good that your marketing and advertising budgets have limits. If you are like many of the marketing professionals we work with, that limit is never roomy enough to accomplish everything you’d like to do. Which means you need to watch your spending, but also ensure that your efforts are being fruitfully rewarded.

So, how do you watch your spending? How do you know when a specific campaign delivers a new customer or more sales? Those are good questions and the answers aren’t always easy to get. You could watch sales information to see when sales peak or watch production lines to understand trending products or talk to your sales teams to learn what customers are saying. Certainly, those are all common avenues to pursue, but can they deliver the type of reliable data that you can hang a hat on? Unlikely.

Rely on Modern Technology for Reliable Data

Deploy a business management solution that will support your marketing, advertising and customer service efforts. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, offers the platform you need for launching campaigns and understanding their results. Fully integrated, you can connect your people, customers and data to get a 360-degree view of all of these operations from start to finish. You also gain business intelligence features that highlight key metrics. This is exactly what your team needs to dissect each marketing and advertising campaign to determine which efforts yield the best results.

A flexible system, like Dynamics 365, offers time-saving automations that streamline common tasks, provide a single source of data, and add mobility. Your team can enter, access and analyze data from Dynamics 365 on nearly any device, at any time, and from almost anywhere. You can also extend features and functions and take advantage of other applications that can be integrated into your system.

Using this powerful platform, your marketing team can follow key performance indicators (KPIs) and watch how these metrics change over time. You might find that certain marketing efforts attract new customers or spur sales faster than others. Some of your customers may prefer online interactions, whereas other customers like email or a phone call. All of this information can be contained within a customer account, so you gain a better understanding of customer behavior and develop campaigns your customers will respond to.

Strengthen Marketing and Advertising Efforts with Dynamics 365

Improve the productivity and profitability of your marketing and advertising efforts by deploying a modern CRM system. With the right data at your fingertips, you can market more effectively, boost sales and strengthen customer relationships. Contact OTT, Inc. to learn how Dynamics 365 can help you drive more conversions on social media and every other marketing channel.

Published On: September 17, 2018By Categories: Blog