Is Nonprofit Cloud ERP Software Affordable?

As a nonprofit trying to increase the efficiency of your operations, you want to invest in resources that will pay for themselves quickly and continue to deliver returns. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of unified, fully integrated nonprofit cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite or Dynamics 365. But the big question is, are they worth the cost?

Here at OTT, Inc., we work extensively to help nonprofits succeed and create significant long-term benefits. Ensuring a return on investment has multiple components to it: first, it’s important to keep costs down. Second, it’s critical to get the best use of the software solutions so the value of the benefits exceeds any potential costs. With this sensible approach, we can resoundingly say that yes, cloud ERP software can affordably help your nonprofit increase social impact. Here’s how it works:

Keeping Costs Down

Both Microsoft and Oracle NetSuite offer powerful nonprofit cloud solutions at reduced costs through social impact programs. We explain more about how the social impact programs work in a different article, but the general gist is that these programs offer nonprofits free and discounted cloud solutions, reduced costs training and services, and nonprofit-specific toolkits that focus on providing functionality especially critical for nonprofits (such a donor and grant management).

Additionally, cloud solutions themselves offer cost savings in a variety of other ways, such as reduced hardware costs, increased mobility, eliminating the cost of upgrades, and access to data-driven analytics tools.

By keeping costs low and focusing on the features that are especially helpful to nonprofits, these programs help you get a quick return on your investment while addressing specific challenges related to your nonprofit – and not paying a bunch of money for unrelated functionality you don’t actually need.

Maximizing the Benefits

When the benefits of a particular tool are high enough, that tool pays itself back. That’s why getting top-notch cloud solutions designed for nonprofits is such a valuable investment. An integrated cloud solution can directly help your organization increase social impact in a variety of ways.

· Donor Management: Spend less money on fundraising by targeting the right donors at the right time and in the right ways.

· Grant Management: Maintain financial compliance, gain full visibility into grant performance, and provide transparency to donors and the board.

· Budgeting: Automate and streamline the budgeting process so you can create more accurate budgets and stay on track.

· Reporting: Consolidate data, easily tailor reports to a specific audience, and simplify how you can create and share more meaningful information.

· Volunteer Management: Keep volunteer information in one secure location and analyze it to best utilize volunteer hours.

· Task Automation: Automating daily processes such as data entry helps save time and money while freeing up employees to do more important things.

· Improved Security: Cloud solutions offer top-notch cybersecurity, which is an incredibly valuable asset to nonprofits; cyber threats are constantly increasing as the value of data grows.

Learn how OTT, Inc. and cloud ERP solutions help nonprofits increase social impact

OTT, Inc. specializes in helping nonprofits leverage integrated cloud solutions at an affordable price, for a big return on investment. Not only can we help you navigate the cloud solutions, we’re familiar with Microsoft’s and Netsuite’s social impact programs, so we can ensure you take full advantage of these valuable discounts. Our 5-step implementation methodology, the Trusted Partner Path, guarantees measurable outcomes for our customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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