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Innovation Could be Your Success Factor, If Only QuickBooks Wasn’t Holding You Back

According to a 2012 survey by Information Week Enterprise Applications, 24% of businesses hope to develop and deliver innovative products and services. In order to achieve this forward thinking approach to business, you need access to critical business data in order to make the timely business decisions that drive growth.

How do you really know how well your products are selling or how happy your customers are with your products and services? If you are using QuickBooks, you can look to some of your financial figures, but you can’t stop there. You’ll need to fill in some blanks by getting reports from your sales representatives, procurement department, and manufacturing crew. You may also need to track down some data about the suppliers and vendors you use, as well as from customers themselves. Running around gathering all of this data is time-consuming, but not nearly as time-consuming as trying to make sense of it all. Whether you use QuickBooks, specialty software programs, or elaborate spreadsheets, your technology can be holding you back from your potential.

Innovative promotes innovation, so why not upgrade into an appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management solution. An innovative solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can give you the insight you need to answer questions about your business operations and direct your efforts in the right direction. This single, comprehensive solution can manage each of the core areas of your business including financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project management, human resources and payroll, and offers robust reporting and business intelligence features. Using an integrated solution puts all of your important business data right at your fingertips.

Instead of using piecemeal data from your department heads, you can monitor key metrics from the RoleTailored Dashboard on your own computer screen. Keep tabs on inventory purchases, sales figures, and other data, then dive deeper to get additional details. You can monitor customer purchases and identify product trends – whether they are growing or waning. You can reset your sights on maintaining the right inventory balance and fine-tune marketing efforts to take advantage of new opportunities.

If you are looking for innovation and want to drive business growth, don’t let your technology hold you back. Today’s business management solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, can provide the insight and control that you need to leverage your business data to your competitive advantage. Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about driving innovation and growth by using the right ERP solution for your specific business needs and goals.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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