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How Well Do You Know The People Supporting Your Nonprofit?

Many associations and nonprofits receive support from two different sets of people – your members and your supporters. Your members receive the services that your nonprofit offers while supporters often volunteer time, resources, or money to help you succeed at your mission. Both groups have different needs, may participate in different events, and support the nonprofit in different ways – which means you need to manage their information differently.

Due to budget limitations, many associations and nonprofits may choose simple, inexpensive spreadsheet solutions to manage membership and supporter data. You can easily enter contact information and notes in each separate spreadsheet in order to keep track of who you are contacting and when. However, spreadsheets have limitations. It’s difficult to store high-volumes of information and it can be even more difficult to sort through that information to get what you need. An association or nonprofit can find greater success with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution which is often used by for-profit businesses. Many of these solutions are affordable right out-of-the-box. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM offers additional flexibility with deployment and licensing options so that you can get a solution that matches your business needs, as well as your budget.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can manage all of your members and supporters within a single solution. You can search for groups of people such as members that are within a specific industry or company size, and tailor marketing or informational materials to capture their attention or address their specific needs. You can maintain details about the activities that your supporters have attended, monetary donations or other support services, or other interests. If you offer certification courses, you can manage data for the attendees, certification records, and expiration dates. You can also set up an automatic notification to alert you when a membership or certification is set to expire. This reminder can trigger a letter or phone call to your members which shows a high-level of customer service.

You can get by for a short while with elaborate spreadsheets. A CRM solution will make it easier to maintain records for both members and supporters as well as provide insight that you can use to grow your organization. Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how other associations and nonprofits are able to use this solution to get closer to their members and supporters and provide more value-added services.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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