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How to Enable Remote Access for On-premise ERP/CRM

How to Enable Remote Access for On-premise ERP/CRM

Right now, a lot of businesses are forced to work remotely and that means if you use on-premise ERP and/or CRM, you’ve got to set up remote access to your software. Whether your employees can’t come into the office temporarily, or you’re simply trying to add flexibility for a more dispersed and mobile workforce, remote access is a hot topic.

However, it’s critical to do your research before setting up remote access. Different software solutions have different system requirements, and a failure to comply with these can create performance issues or cause data corruption.

For example, Dynamics GP 2018 is only supported when the client and SQL databases are present on the same LAN. That means it shouldn’t be run over a VPN or WAN network. Instead, it’s best to set up access to a terminal server or use the web client application.

Your specific software may have different requirements than this, so we’ve listed below a few of the most common options to access your ERP or CRM remotely:

1. VPN or WAN network

Although our example software (Dynamics GP) shouldn’t be accessed using a VPN or WAN connection, there are ERP and CRM solutions with system requirements that work just fine for this option. VPN and WAN connections are secure, popular, and can still keep performance high if the software is compatible with this approach.

2. Web application

Many on-premise software solutions offer a web portal to facilitate remote access. Depending on the software, this may be fairly easy to set up, or it might be quite involved. It may also mean limited access to functionality, reduced performance, or look different than the on-premise environment users are familiar with.

3. Terminal server

Both Windows and Mac OS include an application that allows the device to connect to a terminal server. In the instance of Dynamics GP, for example, you can use this to connect to a terminal server on the same local area network as your SQL server.

4. Remote control program

Another option for accessing your software remotely is to use a remote control program to connect to the employee’s office computer. This requires a license for the OS and the ERP/CRM solution for each user.

Want help setting up remote access for ERP or CRM?

There are numerous options available, and the best choice will be dictated by the system requirements of your specific ERP/CRM, as well as the particular needs of your business. Many businesses are solving this challenge by hosting their software in the cloud, or subscribing to a cloud ERP specifically designed for any time, anywhere access. It’s important to talk to a qualified software solutions partner to get an idea of your best options for the short- and long-term success of your business.

If you’d like to talk to a technology solutions expert about setting up remote connectivity for your ERP or CRM software, contact OTT, Inc. today. We can get you up and running quickly.

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