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Double Your Benefits When Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

When you upgrade to the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP 2013) you receive double the benefits. First of all you are getting up to date on the most recent version and secondly you are getting a FREE transition to the new GP 2013 Perpetual Licensing model.

Microsoft’s policy is to support the current version and one previous. So that means if you are on any version earlier than GP 2010 you are running a version that is not in main stream support. Keeping up to date on main stream support versions is very important. It ensures that you receive any service packs, payroll tax updates, etc. as they release. Another benefit to keeping current is to take advantage of the new features that come out in each release. These new features can bring additional efficiency gains to your organization.

With GP 2013 Microsoft introduced the Perpetual Licensing model. It is a new way of bundling the software to provide more modules to all customers. These modules are bundled into “Packs”. Everyone receives the Starter Pack which includes core functionality for financials and distribution. The Extended Pack brings manufacturing, project accounting and field service into the mix of available modules for you. Then for even more capability you can add in packs like the Customization Pack and SmartList Builder Pack to enhance integrations and reporting.

Most companies transitioning to the new model receive access to new modules at no additional license fee. Some examples include fixed assets, electronic banking, payroll with HR, etc.

The new license model also introduces the Limited User. These are concurrent user licenses that provide inquiry only access and are priced significantly less than a Full User. It provides the opportunity to share the data you choose throughout your entire organization.

We are early in the calendar year. Upgrading in the near future can bring you benefits and efficiency to improve your 2014 results.

Please contact Eric Sheehan at OTT, Inc. for more information on the benefits of upgrading and getting your FREE transition to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Licensing model. You may reach Eric directly at 651.262.2622 or

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