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Best Methods of Processing ePayments: Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed the best methods for processing ePayments: using secure solutions, handling your customers’ data correctly, and tying your transactions to your other accounting processes.

Nodus Technologies specializes in electronic payments and accounts receivable because we know how important it is for your company to manage your collection processes in a secure and efficient manner.

Here are 3 ways that Nodus can help you simplify and improve your method of processing electronic payments:

1. Trusted and Certified Payment Applications

Nodus Technologies works with the PCI Security Council to ensure that all of our applications are safe and secure. We never release a new product or version to our customers without first having it PA-DSS certified. This will significantly help you with the challenges of becoming and remaining compliant with Security Standard regulations.

2. Multiple options to store and process data

With our solutions, you have the ability to store your customers’ credit card data through the use of encryption. You can also choose to store the information off-premise and only save a token in your database for future references. Both of these options provide different benefits, and we can help you decide what best fits the needs of your business.

3. Full integration of your ePayment Processing into Dynamics GP

All of Nodus’ solutions seamlessly integrate into Dynamics GP, which allows you to tie your entire A/R collection process back into your accounting system. This in turn reduces labor and overhead costs, simplifies the collection process, and improves customer satisfaction.

Nodus Technologies is a leading provider of PA-DSS Certified electronic payment, e-commerce, and business process automation software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP. Known for superior integration and flexibility, the Nodus product suite enables companies to streamline their business processes.

To learn more about how Nodus can help you with electronic payments, register for our webinar:

Wednesday, November 19th from 11AM – 12PM CST

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