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Based on customer feedback, OTT, Inc. updates Technical Support for customers

We apologize if you are reading this more than once but we wanted to make you aware of the significant changes we are making in terms of supporting our customers.

Effective April 1, 2013 (no fooling!) we will no longer be billing phone support on a per incident basis. We will begin providing professional technical phone support on a time and material basis. This change is based on a lot of feedback from our customer base and also on changes in the software industry and how applications are and can be supported.

The investment for per incident support has been $150 regardless if it’s a fifteen minute call or an hour call to resolve the open incident. We want to offer the best services and the most value to you, our valued customer. To accomplish this, we want you to feel that you can call for support when needed and it will be fair and equitable for all.

Technical phone support will be billed in quarter hour increments at your current consulting rate per hour. The investment for Remote Desktop Sharing will remain the same at $35 per case when utilized.

We will continue to offer unlimited, prepaid, annual support plans. Unlimited support plans work well if you want to be able to budget one number for support for the year and have the comfort of calling as often as you want or need to for support. Our Basic Plan offers unlimited telephone and email support for a year. The Premier Plan includes the Basic Plan plus an annual onsite upgrade for Dynamics GP along with some other benefits. If you are currently on a Basic or Premier Plan, there are no changes.

Thank you for your continued investment in Microsoft technologies and solutions through OTT, Inc., Your Trusted Business Solutions Partner. We sincerely appreciate your continued trust, loyalty and business!
Published On: March 13, 2013By Categories: Blog