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How to Save Time and Money by Automating Processes with Integrated ERP

Timesaving Automation with Integrated ERP - Workflow

There never seems to be enough time in the day to manage financials, inventory, and manufacturing processes or to capture and analyze all of the resulting data. You and your employees have important tasks to take care of and your business software could be holding you back from achieving ideal productivity. Time is short. Here’s how to save time and money by automating processes in ERP. Watch Your Data, Not the Clock

Watch Your Data, Not the Clock

How quickly can you access data from the various departments within your organization? Where are the sales figures, income and expenses, or labor information and how do you go about getting the most current data? If you’re like many businesses, using disparate specialty software to manage all this information, you probably need to jump through several hoops to get it. Weekly meetings, emails to departmental managers or digging though paperwork takes up valuable time. The longer it takes to get your data, the older it is when you get to use it which makes for risky decision-making.

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, you don’t have time to wait for key metrics to cross your desk. Don’t watch the clock, watch your data. By replacing outdated software and rigid legacy systems with more agile, modern technology, you’ll be able to monitor data in real-time and use it to respond faster to new opportunities, watch for exceptions or deviations, and drive successful business growth.

Flexible, Integrated ERP Delivers Time-Saving Automations

Centralize your data to make it easier for your people to enter, access and reach. Today’s integrated ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, provide all the functionality you need within a single solution. You can manage financials, inventory, supplier and vendor information, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other core business processes in one place. Integrating this data offers several time-saving benefits:

  1. Workflows: Built-in and customizable workflows streamline data entry. Users can enter data more efficiently, improving productivity throughout your organization.
  2. Alerts and notifications: Establish alerts to notify leaders when a certain task or situation takes place—for example, when an invoice reaches too many days outstanding or when inventory drops to a certain level. Using real-time data allows your people to spot potential problems faster and take proactive steps to correct and prevent exceptions.
  3. Consolidate data: Data is far easier to find and use within a centralized, integrated system. You and your team can access data from anywhere and at any time, without having to wait for a meeting or a report sent through email. Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers mobility, enabling you and your team to access data while working from home, at lunch or at a customer’s office.
  4. Business intelligence: ERP also offers dashboards, robust reporting and other business intelligence features. Leaders can review and analyze data from across the enterprise and use it to make swift, prudent business decisions.

It’s Time to Replace Outdated Software with ERP

When it comes to running a successful business, time is of the essence. Don’t waste any more time with outdated software and inefficient processes. Arm your team with time-saving tools and take advantage of real-time data. It’s time to replace outdated software with ERP. Contact OTT, Inc. for guidance with choosing and deploying the ERP solution that will best support your unique business needs and goals.

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