A Whole New Experience: Innovations in Field Services Software

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Traditionally, field services have focused on the face-value tasks of scheduling, maintaining, repairing, driving to service sites, invoicing, etc. When these tasks are done well, equipment gets repaired, downtime is minimized, and customers are happy. However, new innovations in field services software are making it possible to reverse this line of thinking: businesses can automate the nitty-gritty tasks of field service, and instead focus on customer service first and foremost.

With integrated field service technology including artificial intelligence, cloud-based apps, and IoT-connected devices, businesses have the power and freedom to focus on improving the customer experience in several ways:

1. Multi-Channel, Real-Time Communications

Integrated technologies allow for easier and more consistent communications with customers from start to finish. Customer portals enable self-service appointment scheduling. Multi-channel capabilities empower customers to schedule a technician visit from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Once a service appointment has been scheduled, customers can view their technician’s location in real time and see their ETA. Your workers can view customer information, service history, and additional notes or details at their fingertips so they can resolve issues efficiently and accurately.

2. Mixed Reality

Today’s field service management systems have extended capabilities to help technicians use augmented reality for faster fixes. Hands-free mixed reality headsets can help workers access information about the problem they’re looking at and get step-by-step assistance from pre-programmed technical guides. When how-to guides aren’t enough, workers can video call back to the field service center and get help from someone who can see exactly what the technician in the field is looking at.

3. IoT Networks

Sensors in IoT-enabled devices can allow your organization to view device status in real-time from a centralized system. Automated warnings can notify workers about an equipment problem before the device actually breaks down, making proactive maintenance possible. In some instances, it may be possible to repair devices remotely. In other situations, technicians dispatched to the site are able to know what’s wrong before they arrive, ensuring they have the right knowledge and tools for a first-time fix.

4. Better Data Collection

By integrating IoT technologies with your field service solution and data analytics tools, businesses can gain new insight into customer needs and preferences, common equipment issues, technician performance, and more.

Employee apps can also allow field techs to gather information as they go about their day – taking pictures and recording information about potential issues, identifying opportunities for sales, and noting customer preferences. Understanding details like these makes it possible to optimize operations, offer exactly the right products, and provide excellent customer service.

Want to wow your customers and streamline field services?

Here at OTT, Inc., we use a proven 5-step methodology to create quantifiable outcomes from your technology investments. Dynamics 365 for Field Service is an integrated field services management solution with exceptional functionality for businesses looking to modernize their operations. If you’d like to learn more about using advanced technology solutions to meet your business needs, contact us today to talk to an expert about your business and its goals.

Published On: February 19, 2020By Categories: Blog